Could It Be This Easy❓❓

Daily Motivation 161

All we have to do is live from the heart
That is it
Nothing else
It is that simple
And when we do life becomes EASY

Unfortunately we are taught throughout life to struggle
“life is hard”
“money doesn’t grow on trees”
“you have to work hard to get anywhere in life”

We are taught to get tied up in the details
We often think,

“Should I listen to my heart or my head?”
I asked this to three hotel guests this week and got the following answers:

  1. “it depends on the subject”
  2. “my head”
  3. “a little bit of both”
So you can see that we are taught to definitely NOT listen to our hearts over our heads, and we wonder why it’s all such a struggle.
What if you were to conduct an experiment?
It is one I have tried already and I guarantee it works if you follow these instructions…..
  1. Listen to your heart FIRST
  2. Act on what your HEART wants
  3. Let the rest go
Could you do it?
Could you let go of the voice in your head and let your heart 100% run the show?
What about if you conduct this experiment ONLY TODAY and see how it goes?
Could you do it?
Will you?I will give you some examples of what has happened to me this week through doing this:
  • I was travelling in London in rush hour and as I got off the Circle line at Liverpool Street there were tons of people all headed in the same direction as me; the ticket barrier. We all had a mainline train to catch and everyone was trying to get out of the station as quickly as possible. I could see that there was someone with a dodgy ticket ahead of me who was holding people up and the crowd moved to avoid them. As I approach EVERYONE moved out of the way and there was a clear empty gap for me to walk through the barrier. I can tell you it was really weird! (this happens all of the time)
  • I was driving on a dual carriageway in heavy traffic and then out of nowhere the lane I am in opened up with all other lanes chockablock. I zoom through unobstructed; again it’s very weird and very wonderful! (this happens all of the time)
  • I write hundreds of words of a blog and then somehow my computer deletes it. Whereas I used to get truly annoyed and upset I now know that when I rewrite it it’s going to be so much better; nothing happens for no reason.
  • You have a dream which you are holding somewhere in your heart. Maybe it’s a feeling that you would like to be experiencing or a job/purpose you simply KNOW and resonate with. Then out of the blue this all begins to fall into place in your life out of nowhere, and effortlessly (there are some truly magical things happening in my life at the moment that I can’t wait to tell you about but are still percolating!).
All four of these things have happened to me this week.
And the commonality is that they JUST HAPPENED from the heart.
And this is the difference between living from the head and the heart:

The heart ALLOWS 💗
The energy of the two is completely different and you will always know which state you are in when you enquire;
Are you stressing, worrying or planning? = Head
Are you listening to what your heart wants and allowing it to just happen? = Heart
Could it be that easy?
Yes it can
Yes it is
It is how I live 95% of the time, and the 5% that I don’t I spend getting back into my heart because I can assure you it is not a nice place to be and not where I want to be any more.
And I know how to stay
I’ve got the keys to my heart
And I’m never going back to how I used to live
Do you want to join me in this ease?
This weekend I am recording a number of meditation downloads to help YOU live from the heart too….


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