100 Days Sober


We are nearing the end of our Quantum Sobriety Top-Up retreat and yesterday celebrated with our guest her 100 days of sobriety!
She first came to us on the New Year five day retreat and hasn’t had a drink since 🙂

We know that when you leave the safety of the retreat centre will all it’s understanding and support it can be difficult going back home to ‘reality’, which is why these Monday to Wednesday ‘top-up’ retreats are so important: there are only 100 days in between visits to us to stay on track, and it was such an achievement for her to reach this milestone.

Personally my own number today is 1,270
And in the beginning my number meant so much and to make myself accountable I announced:
100, 500, 800, 1000, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years all over social media!
I know that for some the pressure of your number is too much and i get that, but for others get yourself a counter app and celebrate your number!
Whether it’s no sugar, alcohol, cocaine, cigarettes, binge-eating or whatever challenge you’ve set out for yourself, if it helps COUNT!

Maybe today is day 1 for you?
Perhaps you are ready for this journey to freedom.
We are here to help if you are….
Have a great sober day!


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