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Daily Motivation 188

Meditation gives us access to a powerful reserve of energy that is available to all of us, but only a handful use to their advantage.
And why wouldn’t you want to live at full capacity?

For when we delve deep into our subconscious mind, we tap into a power store like no other.
Mother Earth shows us this; take a volcano erupting and the unseen magma chamber that lies within. This power explodes in dramatic form creating new land and fertile ground; so much potential for new life in this phenomenon.

During meditation we leave behind the conscious mind and our thoughts up at the top of the volcano and journey down into our core, to our power.
Down here we have all of the answers, we know who we are and what makes us happy.
Down here we don’t need to put on a front for others’ benefit; there is nothing but complete acceptance, love, and belonging.

No need to numb out
No need to hide
No need to cover ourselves up and pretend
No need to get high
No need to put on a brave face

When you are connected to your magma chamber you have everything that you could possibly need. You don’t require anything from OUTSIDE yourself for it is all given WITHIN.

The problem lies when we don’t realise this and go searching for an external source; alcohol; food; drugs; unnatural highs and lows; and unsuitable relationships. But how could any of those do the job that is meant to be done within? They can’t. And thus we begin the torturous dance of addiction.

When we meditate daily we construct a bridge from our INNER to OUTER worlds and travel easily and effortlessly between the two. However when this bridge breaks and we lose the connection the power builds within us and can explode without warning, just like the volcano does.

Just five minutes per day begins to build the bridge.
And then the power within gets brought into your day; everything gets EASIER because it sits on this powerful foundation.

I wear a mala made of lava and absolutely love the symbolism. As I pass it through my fingers during my morning mantra recitation I can feel the power of the centre of the earth feeding my consciousness. In that moment I am totally connected to myself and all around me; everything that springs from the fertile ground, and I have a sense of renewal, of beginnings.
I know that I am the creator of my destiny and I take full responsibility of my:


From this place of total connection I choose what I bring into my day, and because I come back to my core over and over again I never lose my inner ally, the inner messenger, MY POWER.

Try it today.
Meditate now even if just for a few minutes.
Close your eyes and think about a volcano
Look at the picture first if it helps
Connect to your inner world
And watch as your day suddenly gets a whole load better…..


*While Jo is in a private retreat we will be sharing some of her blogs from the archive which we hope you will enjoy revisiting, or reading for the first time.ย 
This blog was originally posted on 18/04/16

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