Your Pain Will Set You Free 🕊

Daily Motivation 258


At the time we think ‘why me’
It feels like the worst day of our life
WHY can we not pull ourselves out of this dark chamber of despair?
WHY does it seem that everyone else is so sorted when life for me is such a struggle?
WHY can others seem to drink a little and still feel relaxed, eat one slice of cake and not feel the urge to finish the whole thing, or smoke only when on a night out?
WHY do I seem to be the only one wading in mud, not able to shake off the compulsion to binge?
WHY is it so unfair?

This is one of addictions paradoxes
It seems that we are one of the unlucky ones; life dealt us a bad hand, that we have got more problems than others/everyone we know, when actually the complete opposite is true.


BECAUSE of this ‘problem’ we get to look deeply at ourselves
BECAUSE of this ‘problem’ we have the chance to turn our lives around and begin living it in the fullest way possible
BECAUSE of this ‘problem’ we have the good fortune of connecting with others on a similar journey

The thing is when we live a mediocre life, we live only in the centre of what is possible; ok not reaching the bottom of the pit, but also never reaching the stars.

It is BECAUSE you have felt so low that you have the opportunity to experience the opposite; the natural polarity of life
YOU can have it all
YOU have the opportunity to discover freedom
YOU are on the cusp of a journey into enlightenment

BECAUSE you are going to have to dig deep and sort through the layers of life
BECAUSE you are going to unearth self-love and begin to live from an authentic place
BECAUSE you are about to recognise your truth and start to share it with the world

When you live in the channel of mediocrity there is no call to do this
No reason to go searching
No spark of comprehension that there could be more

We are the lucky ones
We get the opportunity to uncover our greatness
And it’s time to celebrate this fact rather than feel sorry for ourselves
You are on the brink of greatness

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❝Throughout my 4.5 month journey I’ve learnt so much from qs. I’ve learnt how to stop drinking, change my eating, focus on what’s real and many many more things.❞

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