Your Inbuilt Protection Mechanism


You probably see resistance as something negative
To shy away from
And that it is showing you your weakness
What about if I explained that resistance is actually a signal
That you are about to go deeper
Quantum jump
To the next level

Let me clarify with an example…

Last month I had resistance around my meditation practice
Which is unusual for me as it is probably my most favourite thing to do
At first I noticed the resistance that built up around the resistance; like an ever growing problem, getting worse and worse, and the more I resisted the more wretched I felt about my non-practice. I observed what was going on, but still couldn’t muster up the motivation to sit. As the days built up I was surprised to see that I DIDN’T get more stressed in my day-to-day life as I had anticipated from lack of practice; in fact my mood seemed to stay the same, albeit with a side of frustration. And then it hit me:


Not going backwards as expected
But I was suspended
Locked into my current reality
With no way of moving forwards
And then the next realisation came:


I was being held back to protect mefrom the next level
Was I ready?
Did I REALLY want this next upgrade?
I was being tested
Because life was about to change if the answer was yes

Of course in those few weeks I was NOT ready
So I remained dormant
In an unfamiliar void
Until the door opened
And I was actually chomping on the bit to get going again

When I sat the next time
It was epic
BECAUSE I’d allowed myself the space I needed to grow into the next level of consciousness
I was prepared for what happened next
Which was being catapulted to a place I’d never been to before
A new platform of ease
Inner knowing

Because of course you CANNOT force these things
In fact the more you do so
The more difficult it becomes

Many people ask me what to do when they get ‘out of the habit’ of meditation, and the answer is simple,
Yet still keep it in the foreground of your mind
While I was in limbo I began a walking meditation practice instead of ‘sitting’, which is now firmly in place daily; my ‘power walk’ is done fast, alone, and halfway through the two miles I begin to come out of my body and into a meditative state.

Upgrading can be scary
Hence having our inbuilt protection mechanism
And why you must surround yourself with those that are on a similar journey
Ask the community questions
Keep coming back into alignment
And from there you can never truly go awry…


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