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I had a life-changing session with Anni, one of our therapists this week. She is a biodynamic psychotherapist and uses a stethoscope to be guided in her work by her clients body.
As I lay listening to pops, gurgles and what sounded like explosions as my torso released blockages of energy, I had a deep connection to my body. And even more than that, a profound insight into how it is constantly rearranging itself, healing, sorting, organising, EVOLVING.

As Anni massaged and gently manipulated where she was working on my body I could instantly hear the internal response, at times it was little cracks but sometimes literally sounding like radioactivity being produced; fascinating.

Ultimately I left the table feeling complete and whole, totally reconnected to my body and the energy moving through it. I spent the day in a state of expanded consciousness, which was still with me the following day, the next, and now here six days later. This is the importance of self-care, finding your tribe, looking after yourself and honouring the ever expanding flux of the universe we live in.

I ended the session kissing my amazing body!
So grateful for it carrying me through this experience
And then looking in the mirror today on my birthday and appreciating every single line on my face that tells a story of this incredible life of mine, as another year passes.

I didn’t really know where this blog was going as it began; it being more of a flow through the arms that Anni worked on, and out onto the page; an expression of what I am feeling in this celebratory moment in ‘time’. Living in a state of total trust means that I do not worry about what I am going to say each day in this blog; I know that what needs to be shared will be.

This week has been special as I move towards my birth day
I’ve felt different
Even more reflective than usual (thanks Anni!)

In London on Thursday I kept my sunglasses covering my eyes whilst on the tube and enjoyed the shift in consciousness it gave me; seeing the world through a different colour lens, with┬áthe journey I’ve taken a thousand times over the last 40 odd years seeming altered. I smiled as I walked in the crowds, feeling like I was travelling in an alternate reality;┬áI had to hold back laughter and the urge to shout out my delight to the city crowd.

And in yoga class this week I guided the group into their very own solar system. First of all connecting to the physical body sitting on the axis of the Sushumna nadi (central channel) and then up through the chakras and way off into the energetic potential of the universe.

My mind has been blown this week over and over again
The QS community have been doing the same
So many members having MASSIVE shifts and breakthroughs
It is so important to surround yourself with those that
Get you
Support you
Lift you up to the next level

And I cannot tell you how excited I am for this coming year
I am delighted to be launching my book TODAY
The time is right
The world is ready to change the conversation around addiction
And my life has been an experiment, I am a guinea pig
Testing the waters of freedom
It works!
We can ALL be free
And I’d love you to join me in this wonderful land…

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

­čĺÖ┬áthank you for being a huge positive part
of my journey back to love
Online Member



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