You Hold All Of The Power 💪


Following on from yesterdays idea of not receiving; only creating, let’s take this idea even further….


And no one else can have yours.
There is no giver of experience meaning that right now in this moment you can close your eyes and feel totally 100% in control of your life. You are in the driving seat of your car, and cars don’t go anywhere without an intention of where you are going; there is a plan, a map, a route entered into the sat nav. You would be shocked if your car decided it was going somewhere else and drove off in the opposite direction to where you had decided to go.


Right now.
You are the ruler of your world, no one else.
Take that role back.
Right now.

There is a reality where you have it all, everything that you’ve ever imagined. And if you play small and keep going on the merry-go-round of addiction you are turning your back on that dream; saying NO to what is possible, what is available. And when you do that your dream sits on the shelf getting dusty, because no one else can have it. No one else has the same set of visions as you do, so it gets unused; unrealised, and what a shame that would be; what a waste.

So look before you.
See the opportunities.
If you have had the dream in your head, THEN IT IS POSSIBLE, because you couldn’t have thought of it if it wasn’t. Because you cannot have someone else’s experience:
You have your dreams
They have theirs
Each dream is different.

Think back and see if you can find a time when YOU had someone ELSE’S experience…..
… can’t come up with one because it’s impossible.
You can be with someone and have an experience together, but you still have separate experiences of the same event, which are slightly different from each other.

This is what it means to fully take responsibility for yourself; to fully recognise that YOU are creating your own experience with your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. And until you can fully OWN this fact then you are going to struggle during your recovery, but once you do KAPOW! It all makes sense! You take BACK your power, get in your car of life, decide where you are going, and drive off into the amazing future of your dreams.

That’s what we did yesterday on retreat.
Let go of the old way of doing things.
Drew a line in the sand.
And began to build the life we WANT for ourselves.

It’s all out there for the taking.
So don’t leave your dreams up on the shelf neglected.
Get them down and dust them off.
BELIEVE in yourself and them.
For they are yours and yours only, there to be enjoyed.
So what is holding YOU back from doing that?

Member Quote Of The Day.

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