You DON’T Have To Feel Ready 🍰🍷🚬


There is a misconception that we have to feel ready before we can undertake some sort of transformation and get sober. My point being:

Our brains are wired up so that fight or flight kicks in when we are under stress, so how on earth could we get ready for something that we KNOW is going to be difficult? Motivation or willpower is available for only the activities that we want to do, so what about those things that are scary? Uncomfortable? We’ve never done before?


So you can see that waiting around for the day when you feel READY won’t work; you’ve got to get yourself ready. See? But how?

You need to surround yourself with people who are already where you want to be, or have undertaken the journey that you are beginning. Whatever subject you want to learn; violin, to speak French or how to get sober, you need to find someone who has done it already and find out what they did. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, for it is successfully delivering people to the destination already; you simply have to say YES, NOW is the time.

The second answer to the how question is getting permission
Permission to believe that you can achieve this goal
Permission to change your life
You DON’T need willpower
You DON’T need to try
You DON’T need to struggle
No matter what you’ve been told up until now
No matter what your experience has been thus far.

So stop waiting for something to happen
Stop making excuses not to get going
And BELIEVE that you can do anything….

*originally published in February 2017

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Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:
Today I am eleven months sober. Holy moly! I couldn’t go 3 days without a drink. I thought I’d climbed a mountain when I reached 7 days last year. It’s my birthday soon and don’t want to sabotage it all when I’m so close to a years Sobriety. Am going to drink AF cocktails and Pellegrino in a champagne glass.  ” 
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