You Don’t Have To DO Anything ⚛️


I have a concept for you
Something that you may not realise
And something that you may have been doing wrong for many many years

You see in this game of life we are constantly trying to GET SOMEWHERE
We feel we need to change this and that to be where we want to be
We have to do this before we can be happy
Lose weight before we can be beautiful
Have more clarity before we can be successful

The thing is none of this is true
For everything you are seeking for ALREADY exists within you


And what is within you is pure, unchanging, beautiful
The good news is that you cannot harm it, or even kill this unchanging essence of you
It is always there
It can get covered up

In meditation we begin to peel away the layers
Revealing who we really are
Exposing that which never changes

And it isn’t learnt
It’s not something that a teacher can give you
For it is already there
You simply become MORE OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE


Try this technique
See if this switch helps you to view life in a different way….

Rather than try to be something else (happier, healthier, sober etc..), choose to not be the opposite any longer. For example rather than saying,

“I want to be sober”

Say instead,

“I’m done with drinking”

Or rather than saying,

“I want to be free”

Say instead,

“I’m done with being stuck”

Can you see the difference?
Notice the subtle shift in energy?
Rather than chasing something that is off in the distance, you are leaving behind that which you are moving on from. This can be a great help especially when we are feeling particularly overwhelmed; it helps us to see from a altered place, to shift our perception, and set ourselves free.


Later on today I’ll be sharing a meditation with the private QS group on how to shift our perception in this way deep within our subconscious minds, so that we actually begin to view life in a different way. If you’ve been thinking to join our community then now couldn’t be a better time….


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

It is a conditioned response for most of society to drink to celebrate, yet the longer I am free from it, the more I believe it is not natural. To be fully present with ones we love for every occasion is natural. That goes both ways. My dad and brother get tipsy and buzzed and they act so weird in my eyes. It’s not a connecting feeling at all. I love your solution and proud to be your friend. X
N, Online Member

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