You CANNOT Cheat Alignment


You CANNOT cheat alignment
You CANNOT pretend
You CANNOT hide

But HOW do you get into alignment?
What even IS alignment?

Well, the fast track to answer both of those questions is to meditate. For alignment is when we are deeply connected to our core; when we are looking inward rather than externally; and when we can be totally honest with ourselves.

So have you practiced today?
Are you committed to finding out who you really are?
I will be at leastonce today
And I know that I will then be able to maintain alignment throughout the whole day, no matter what I’m doing, who I’m with, or what challenges are thrown at me along the way….


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Day 32 of sobriety for me and feeling fantastic.
Great big hugs to you all and best wishes to everyone. Wishing you all a sober, happy, healthy future full of love, wonder and beauty. Lots and lots of love  💞💞💞

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