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Daily Motivation 278


Every Wednesday I am sharing some WOW’s with you; my teachers; my influences and who I am inspired by.
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Faye Riches


In the yoga class I attended last week (teachers still need a teacher), Faye spoke the above words and they perforated deeply; so much so that I asked her exactly what she said so that I could quote her and share it with you.

For we are already perfect
There is nothing fundamentally wrong
Our job is simply to allow this ‘unfolding’ process to occur, and allow our conditioned beliefs and behaviours to drop away. That is why yoga is such a great tool for releasing what the mind lets go of, in a physical way, for we hold the residue of our past in our bodies.

I can often know what is going on for someone when they walk into a yoga class; the way they hold themselves; where they hold their tightness, for the body is a reflection to what is going on in the mind.
Tight body = inflexible mind; what old conditioned beliefs are you carrying around with you, believing to be true / reluctant to let go of?

And let go you surely can
If there is a willingness
Or you may not even realise that you are caught up in a ‘story’ at all, so how on earth can you drop it?

Yoga allows us to stretch into every crevice and release whatever no longer serves us, with tears often being part of this process. Tears are a way of energy being released, and they are a good thing!

I’m teaching my one weekly yoga class this morning, so this blog comes on the right day! We will be opening ourselves up physically to our truth so that we can access it on more subtle levels too. And as Faye says, once we do this for ourselves we can then notice it in others and the world becomes a much safer and supportive place; getting on your mat / cushion for yoga / meditation is a way that we can change the world, for peace begins within….


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

You gave me everything I needed and more – I’m leaving truly a different person in a different ‘space’. I’m leaving behind the last 60 years and stepping forward into my new life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.❞

G, Residential Retreat and Online Programme
(written on the last day of the residential retreat)


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