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You Are Not Alone 👭

You Are Not Alone 👭

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Daily Motivation, Member Motivation, Quantum Sobriety on July 8, 2019


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members:

There is just so much content that I sometimes wonder if I need an extra month or so to work on each months theme! It is great to know that I can always nip back and forth or dip in and out. I do not always manage to attend every weekend chats with Jo, but I do always catch up with everything eventually and always read everything posted on the facebook group even if I don’t add anything myself. The group always seems to throw something up just as I seem to need it. There is always an answer to any question I have. It is always so humbling to read other people’s stories. There is always something there I can identify with or resonate with and I am grateful for this. I am not alone. Even if any meditation session is rubbish I’m still glad I’ve done it. I love having these meditations to go to as they are such strong supportive tools.

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