You Are Not Alone đź‘­

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members:

There is just so much content that I sometimes wonder if I need an extra month or so to work on each months theme! It is great to know that I can always nip back and forth or dip in and out. I do not always manage to attend every weekend chats with Jo, but I do always catch up with everything eventually and always read everything posted on the facebook group even if I don’t add anything myself. The group always seems to throw something up just as I seem to need it. There is always an answer to any question I have. It is always so humbling to read other people’s stories. There is always something there I can identify with or resonate with and I am grateful for this. I am not alone. Even if any meditation session is rubbish I’m still glad I’ve done it. I love having these meditations to go to as they are such strong supportive tools.

Online Member



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