You Are No Longer Scary 👿


Meet Richard.

The first anniversary of Richard’s brothers death is in a couple of weeks, and we are all so inspired that Richard didn’t pick up during everything that he has been through these last couple of years. But TWO YEARS of sobriety has now been reached!
Here is a snippet of his story in his own words below, from QS Member and Guide for Kent: Richard

 ” You are no longer scary “

These are the words spoken to me from my brother Adrian.
Adrian passed November 20th 2016.
On the 31st October 2015, my life had become so out of control, that Sunday morning I took a overdose of medication.
The next morning after leaving the hospital I checked myself into Inner Guidance (and the QS residential retreat). Since then I have been able to turn my life around. Gone are the addictions to alcohol drugs and medication (SSRIs). My relationship with my family is full of love and compassion.
Adrian’s last year alive I spent some very special moments and days with him, just like when we were kids.❤️
This would not have been possible if I was using alcohol and drugs.
With the love and support of Jo De Rosa and all the team at QS , also the support of the online forum you too can achieve a life of Freedom.
Peace Love and Strength

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