Full 🌝 Moon Meditation: Witnessing A New You 👀

Daily Motivation 221

I’ve shed something this last week
An old me
A skin that has been peeling off over the last couple of months and all of a sudden dropped to the ground to reveal a new level of being
And it’s been like witnessing a new person
Watching her flourish in the world whereas she used to only flail
In the same circumstances I now act differently, and guess what?


Nothing stays the same
And it is down to me to decide what the next moment, minute, month and lifetime have in store for me

I’ve had a huge insight this week into the different experiences that we all have
You know those ‘aha’ moments when new neurons join for the first time; suddenly the same information that you’ve been carrying around with you for years suddenly makes sense; that.


And you can do the same thing now:
Sit down and close your eyes
Become aware of your breathing and of you sitting in the space you are taking up
Feel into the this space all around you
Then think about a situation that is happening in your life right now, either to you personally or globally
Then see all of the contrasting possible outcomes
See how people you know would act, knowing that you would do something different
Begin to comprehend all of these CHOICES that are available to you
Maybe they look like various paths that you can take
Or different coloured doors
Each one with a totally different outcome


No one else can do that for you
And rather than scare you, you should feel empowered
Life is in your control
You decide which door you are going to walk through
Which experience are you going to select?

As you make your decision as to how your day will unfold
And allow the outer skin of the past to peel away
Stand strong and allow todays Full Moon to shine brightly on who you are becoming;
The you that was always there, waiting to be seen
Full Moon energy is all about shining the light and showing up

Feel powerful today as you consciously create your experience
From the outer casing that you are shedding
Imagine yourself peeling away all that no longer serves you
Shine as brightly as you were always destined to
And make TODAY your best day yet….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Happy Soberversary to Me! One year alcohol free. In all honesty, not drinking (or smoking) has been easy. The challenge has been not running away from my feelings, but learning to simply feel them and not give attention to triggers. Through (almost) daily meditation and Jo‘s guidance, I have become aware of my thinking and behaviour patterns and learned to be ok with them and ask “what do I really want?” The biggest lesson has been Self Love; to appreciate and truly, lovingly, consistently take care of Me. My goal remains the same since I did the life-changing residential retreat at Inner Guidance last August: to be a Vibrator of Love in the world.
High vibes, everyone! To those who are just starting, struggling, or slipping: you can do it. You are worth it. Life is better FREE!

D, Residential Retreat and Online Programme



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