Why You Should NEVER Do What You’re Told 😜


Nobody knows YOUR truth
Nobody can ever make a better decision, on your behalf, than you could
Don’t give your power away to others to abuse, for that is what it is;
Your truth being unheard at best and trashed at worst
No more

Over the last couple of decades I have been slowly realising this
It began in the mid-1990s when I took six months unpaid leave from my stable and ‘normal’ job to go to Thailand and live on the beach. My cousin looked after my flat and cat, whilst I took off my watch and realised that I could tell the time via the shadows by day, and Orions Belt by night. This was a pivotal moment for me and life would never be the same again. I returned to my job a changed person and soon realised that I couldn’t be confined within any corporate environment; I sold the flat and car, rehomed the cat, and handed my notice in. This was early 2000 and in the April moved to Thailand for what I thought was going to be a year, and ended up being six.

Once in Thailand I immediately found Spa Samui where I began my yoga teacher training, and learnt about fasting, detox, raw foods, and the dangers of milk, sugar, and processed foods. Little did I know at that time that the journey to elimination had truly begun, and would span across the decades as I slowly but surely upgraded my diet, shifted my mindset, and transformed my life.

Back in 2000 I was unhappy in my relationship, smoking 30 cigarettes a day (more when I was partying), and taking cocaine and ecstasy at least two times per week; I was not where I wanted to be in any area of my life. I yearned for something but had no idea what, but gradually began the journey from my head to my heart; the journey of a lifetime!

My point is, and I’ve used the word already, that I began to ELIMINATE
In all areas
What I realised pretty early on this path is that it is not about adding anything
Oh no
The knowledge is already there
Buried deep underneath the bullshit society has fed us throughout our lives


Instead ask within
And see what the inner voice has to say
For there is great wisdom within you
All of the answers
And they are unique to you

Now I don’t ever do what I’m told
I don’t eat the food that everyone else thinks is normal
I don’t consume the drinks that society says is required
I don’t work for anyone else (in fact I am unemployable)
I don’t listen to what others say about me, my work, or the world in general

And how this plays out is as follows:

  • I take organic food with me wherever I go
  • I very rarely eat in restaurants because their intention is profit over nutrition
  • I don’t eat meat, dairy, grains, sugar, or processed foods
  • I don’t eat in train stations
  • I don’t eat on planes
  • I don’t eat on trains
  • I don’t eat unplanned
  • I drink only water, herbal tea, and ceremonial grade cacao
  • I don’t watch the news or read newspapers

What you soon realise is that actually you need far LESS food than you thought, and the higher the quality the less still; your body is receiving what it needs rather than clogging up your systems with literal rubbish.

And none of this is difficult
Quite the opposite
It is a pleasure to gift my body and soul that which supports it
And it’s been a long long journey to get here
To fully realise that I love this life and the vehicle that I’m blessed with, and wish to make the very most of it

I simply do not comply with what society expects of me
I do not buy into big food
I do not buy into big drink
I do not buy into big pHARMa

Instead listening to the inner voice of wisdom that is directing me towards happiness, via remaining in alignment.


Can you see the difference?

I can literally feel the conditioning melting away
Like snow on a warm sunny day
The deeper I understand myself the clearer it all becomes
The lie has been seen through

The proof of all of this is having more energy, increased happiness, motivation for life, never sick, and a sense of deep peace. This manifests as an ability to go with the flow, allow struggle to drop, and trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Nobody else knows your answer
So don’t do as you’re told
Listen instead to the only expert there is in being you;
YOU of course…

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