Why YOU Are So Special 🌟

Daily Motivation 254


Everyone is addicted
It is part of being human
What are YOU addicted to?
Drink? Drugs? Food? Sugar? Diet coke? Cigarettes? Crisps? Sweets? Chilli’s? Getting dressed in the morning? Going to work everyday? Walking? Talking? Eating? Brushing your hair? Teeth? Driving? Going on holiday? Sex? Showers? Baths?

You can see how intrinsic habits are to us humans
It is in our very nature
Please don’t make it wrong

You just went off course
Tested out the rabbit hole and then got stuck in it
And there is some very very good news…..

Us addicts KNOW we are addicted, and that is what makes YOU so special
You’ve woken up to the fact that there is something that you’re trying to connect to; that by getting ‘high’ you faze out of ‘normal’ life and go somewhere different, somewhere that you feel happier and more connected to source = MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT IT’S POSSIBLE! And now that you’ve taught your brain to go there via substances, it knows how to do it and can go back again, via meditation, SOBER

Non-addicts have never been there so they don’t know how to do this
Do you get it?
Do you realise how special you are?
Can you see that with a little training you can use what you already know and RECREATE the ‘high’ you so love, sober?

You have been misguided up until now
Spending time thinking that you were weak and stuck when the truth was you were in training for the main event
You’re here
You’re ready
NOW is the time to put all of your hard work using this technique FROM destroying yourself, and INTO supporting your soul on its journey inward. Use this addictive FORCE to sit on your cushion daily and look within, honour your desire to connect with the quantum, and find the ‘out of body’ experience you have when drunk/stoned/high in meditation.
That is what I do every single day
Get high
Consuming universal yumminess
That which is available to each of us
You were simply told the wrong information by society
But you don’t need to listen to the voices that tell you you are weak any longer
Listen to this:


So jump on your cushion today!
I will be over on the Quantum Superpowers page at 8.15am where you can join me in quiet reflection of these words and intent, as it really is time to harness this strength of yours dear soul friend….

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In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝Buzzing totally! Who needs drink or drugs when you have a buzz like this!!!❞

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