Why Today Is The End Of This Daily Blog 😱

This is the last blog I’ll be writing here
After a very intense past three days of Lion’s Gate energy, and with the winds of change yesterday nearly blowing me over, I have realised that it is time to shake up much of what I do, and consolidate. For it feels that I am trying to do too much for too many, and it is I who is suffering along with giving only some of my energy to each of my (many) projects. 

I’m laughing at how this has so quickly come about, and how evident the answer is
⚡️On Thursday the Lion’s Gate portal opened fully
⚡️On Thursday my people pleasers online course, The Self Project launched
⚡️This month in the private QS online course forum we are asking, ‘Am I Compromising’
⚡️Then on Friday I had a session with our Quantum Healer Carol

And it’s been the perfect storm
An unravelling of who I have been to this point
~ wanting, craving, needing more
Drawing a line in the sand
And a clear feeling of who I am now
~ content, stable, abundant in every way
Followed by a coming together of how I wish to move forwards

The laughing continues as I watch the ‘old’ me teaching about not compromising yourself, whilst I compromise myself with an impossible and never-ending list of things to do

In The Self Project I am questioning participants as to how they are putting others first and not honouring themselves, yet I am writing a daily blog which at times is draining me.

And I refuse to do this any longer
I have always committed to walking the talk
I have always committed to leading from the front
But fear I may have got a little lost along the way
Taking on more and more
Launching new projects but not letting go of the old ones

I’m in a new space
We all are
And I invite you too to upgrade and let go of what isn’t working
Ask yourself now the following four questions,

  1. Where in my life am I compromising?
  2. What am I still doing, that I may have done for many years, that is not in alignment with who I am today?
  3. What is exhausting me?
  4. Am I meditating enough to be able to answer these questions?

Rather than try to keep multiple plates spinning
And before they ALL crash to the floor in an inelegant heap
I am reorganising myself
And the answer has come so easily, effortlessly, obviously, and beautifully in the form of the ‘Inner Guidance Hub‘; a weekly newsletter that will include ALL of my projects in one place, rather than having a bit of this over there and a chunk of that somewhere else. 

There will be information, and blogs (which will be written when they are channeled through me, and I don’t know how often that will be!), recipes, offers, and my whole heart will be there! 

If you are already signed up to the ‘Inner Guidance Newsletter‘ then there is no need to click the link below, as this will be restructured and become the new ‘Inner Guidance Hub’. But if you are not yet receiving the IG weekly news, then follow THIS LINK and the first IG Hub offering will be sent out on Wednesday.

In the space that opens up I will be more present in my private communities; the QS online programme and the new SELF project forums, and the guests that make the commitment to be here in Suffolk. I am also feeling a pull to begin some one-to-one online coaching; there is great excitement when I think about that, which is how I know it is in alignment. But we’ll have to wait and see when that will begin; I’m thinking towards the end of the year, but probably at the beginning of 2020, to really set the year of balance alight. 
All of this very personal and raw sharing should be used to reflect back to you where you are compromising, and thus holding yourself back. We are cyclical beings and change is inevitable for us all, so can you get into the energy of transformation, can you harness the Phoenix rising from the flames vibration? 

I hope my own truth inspires you to step forward into your own
And even though this is the end of this Daily Motivation Blog 
My writing and offering continues, so this isn’t goodbye
Perhaps you’d like to join one of my programmes, tell me if you’re interested in one-to-one online coaching, or let me know that you’re signed up to the IG hub!
And I’d like to THANK YOU for being a part of my journey, reading and connecting daily to my deepest thoughts and insights 🙏 
I leave you with my very first Daily Motivation back on 1st September 2016 when I made the commitment to write a blog everyday for one year…



Last night here in Spain we went out to one of my parents’ favourite restaurants. They’ve lived on the Costa Blanca for 20 years and it’s only in the last four that I’ve been sober; this means that I have had a fair few drunken nights out here.

Looking back I don’t think that I have been sober before in this particular restaurant and when I went to the toilet I had a sudden flashback; the room began to spin and I saw everything as if I were drunk. I tried to see myself in the mirror but the image looking back at me was blurred; I reached for the folded individual hand towels on the high shelf and felt unsteady on my feet; and all of a sudden I felt sick.

Of course I couldn’t wait to get out of the toilet as it was in some sort of drink demon time warp and as soon as I sat back down at the table the sensation ceased. What on earth just happened?

Many report early on in sobriety that they have dreams about drinking, and wake up in a high stress hoping that it didn’t really happen. Take this as a good sign! It means that you are releasing the urge at a deep level, another layer shed, and us working hard at a subconscious level to move to the next level.

As I began to explain to my family what had just happened I had a huge shift in consciousness for in that moment I could truly see how far I have come:

1,415 days of sobriety
1,415 nights of no blurred vision, unsteadiness or nausea
1,415 mornings without a hangover
1,415 days of belief in myself and pride that I am worth sobriety
1,415 nights of better sleep
1,415 days of better skin
1,415 days of stronger bones, organs, muscles, blood and cells


I am worth it
And so are you
Embrace the uncomfortableness
Jump into the fire of sobriety
And join me in this dance of FREEDOM

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“Quantum Sobriety saved my life

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