Why It’s Valentines EVERYDAY In My World 😍💋😍


You probably won’t be surprised to learn that I do not celebrate valentines day
For why would someone need to be told to be loving on just ONE day in the whole year?
Are we supposed to be so miserable and unloving for the other 364 days of the year that we only come out of that unhappy pit for one day?
No, I am afraid I do not buy into it!
I do not believe it!
For it is valentines EVERYDAY in my world

Yesterday in meditation I was overcome with connection and love for all that is in my life, and that was a natural state that appeared from an organic place; something that I experience on a daily basis. I am lucky enough to know that we all deserve to feel this EVERYDAY, do you?

The journey to our hearts is a daily practice and one that meditation leads us on. Cupid takes us by the hand when we sit on our cushion and we begin to fall in love with ourselves, and not in a codependent kind of way, rather true love for self. And when we are in this state there is no way you can harm yourself with drugs, alcohol or food. When there is so much love that you want to lift yourself up rather than:

  • Hide
  • Numb out
  • Say ‘NO’ life

Instead today say YES YES YES!
Fall in love on your cushion
Eat ceremonial grade cacao (it connects you to your heart/self)
And make valentines day one of SELF-LOVE
Don’t make it about another
Make it about YOU
Celebrate YOU
Love YOU

We are changing the world
Shifting into an expanding world
One where the primary importance is of taking care of self, for when we do that we can offer so much more to the world.
I have spent the last 20 years in self-development, beginning back in the mid 90’s when I took my first yoga class and knew I was going to be a teacher, and then read the Celestine Prophecy and learnt for the first time about energy.

From all of the knowledge and experience of the past 2 decades I think the biggest tip I can give is of self-love. For without it nothing else makes sense, we cannot give to others from an empty pot; for that will lead to resentment.

Many often comment on me writing a daily blog saying,
“That must stress you out”
“How do you do that everyday?”
“How do you find something to write about everyday?”

The answer is of course that I HAVE to do this
I would actually be lost without it
There is a creativity that flows out of me, and if I didn’t allow that to happen then I would feel stuck. And I write first thing in the morning from a deeply connected place of pure love, then meditate and generate even more, and then carry this love around with me all day.

Can you see how important it is to be true to yourself?
To allow yourself time to love
The space to love
To be in the vibration of love always.

And when you are in that state others respond and are drawn to you like a magnet. They see how you shower yourself with love and find it deeply attractive. Get into the vibration of love and you give YOURSELF permission for others to love you.
And this is where we go wrong!
We feel disconnected and lonely and then wonder why we are not in a fulfilling relationship. IT HAS TO COME FROM SELF FIRST.

This is another reason why addicts are the lucky ones;
We are forced into finding ourselves, loving ourselves, honouring ourselves
And as soon as we learn this lesson, our external world HAS TO respond.
As I write this Dom has just walked into the studio with a huge bouquet of flowers! Now we don’t celebrate valentines but the level of love between us and in this house is so great that I think he needed to find an additional outlet for his love. Total quantum in action! = What you are FEELING you are attracting back to you, do you get it?

So this valentines make it about YOU
Celebrate YOU
Love YOU
And if you can do that then watch the world match this frequency and begin to shower love BACK to you….

*First published February 2017

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

…if Valentines day triggers you try to love yourself with that which nourishes you and not that which numbs it…

V, Online Member

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