Why It’s Ok To Ebb…


I’ve been wanting to be more consistent with my second meditation practice each day, listen to inspiring teachings on YouTube daily, rejig my diet, and reintroduce a daily yoga practice which has disappeared over the last year since having tennis elbow. I know that these things help me to be all that I can be, and when I don’t do them I am running at between 50% and 75% of my potential. I am ready to live at 100% capacity now so have been on a detox protocol all week and am taking myself off to Spain tomorrow for a four day juice fast, then on to my parents place for a further week to continue with some downtime. The intention for these few weeks is to press the reset button, get out of my comfort zone, and create some new habits.
The pull towards a major upgrade has been happening for the past couple of months. First the resistance kicks in, and as soon as it does I immediately KNOW that something is going on, an internal shift is occurring, and I begin to dig even deeper than usual. 
This time there has been a call for a physical reset too, and I’ll be posting a video diary in the next couple of days about the fruit detox and course of colonic irrigation I’ve been doing (the video will be posted here: www.facebook.com/InnerGuidanceRetreatCentre). This kind of retreat is something that we are going to be offering in 2019 and if you are interested then we’ll be announcing information and dates over on the Inner Guidance newsletter soon (you can sign up here).
Life is all about ebb and flow and you cannot push yourself when you are in a period of ebb. Meditation is a key to understanding yourself so much that you categorically know when you are ebbing and when you are flowing. This whole year has been an ebb year for me, then around the portal of 11/11 it shifted and I knew I was about to flow again. The thing is when you know this cycle the fight with it drops; you ALLOW yourself to ebb and then enjoy the moments of flow all the more.
Do you get that:
Ebbing is not a bad thing
Can you sit back and be ok when life is pulling back, holding back, in suspension?
Why is 50% of what we’re capable of enough for most of us
We know what to eat
We know what to drink
We know we need to exercise and get enough sleep
We know that if we meditate for 10/30/60/180 minutes everyday our lives will be transformed 
So why do we not do these things
Why do we choose to live less than we KNOW is possible
Why hold ourselves back from our ultimate potential
Right now I am ready to step into a 100% life
I want to know what that feels like
The detox from my ‘old’ life has begun
Stripping away the layers of physical residue
As I dive deeper into my own mind
Where will this journey take me
As I know I’ve never been here before
I commit to a 100% life

Here we go…


Member Quote Of The Day.

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I used to drink and take drugs to escape painful feelings of inadequacy and self loathing but they kept me stuck where I was, afraid of myself and disconnected from life and love; I thought I had tried everything but QS showed me a way back to myself and the love that was always there, reconnecting me with life lived to the full in joyful sobriety.
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