Why Is This Happening To Me 🤔


Every single one of us is struggling with something
Sometimes we wear the pain like a striking and colourful shirt
Whilst most of the time the pain is hidden from the world, with the suffering internal and private.

We’re all going through adversity
This life is based upon it
And we are MEANT to experience it
Nobody doesn’t
Yet we fight so hard against pain, loss, ageing, discomfort

What if there was a way of coping with difficulty?
….well there is
And it is so simple to do
A mere mindset shift OUT of victim mentality
“Why is this happening to me, it’s not fair”
Choosing to live beyond / below / above (however resonates with you) the drama, rather than in it

This is what the Quantum Sobriety book, meditations, online programme, and whole approach is based upon. We learn how to live from source, rather than our surface thoughts; and we get so good at this that drama begins to ping off of us, like we have some sort of protective shield over us.

Now there is a big difference between what I talk about here and spiritual bypassing (the denial of what you are feeling). For me my meditation practice takes me daily to source, and the connection to my truth. Then my day unfolds from this very pure, authentic vibration, and anything that doesn’t match becomes obvious.

I have been teaching ‘The Ocean’ meditation for nearly 20 years now, and it is this technique that demonstrates HOW to unhook yourself from the current issue, and tap into the space that is between it, and you as the observer. It is a visualisation that I have been working with for two decades and the results are quite literally astounding.

Once understood and adopted, this way of living is lighter and stress-free
When drama presents itself to me I know that I am being asked to look at how my mindis creating this situation.
What is out of balance?
And I know that meditation will bring me back into alignment

From this perspective nothing is ‘wrong’
Rather ‘out of alignment’
When adversity comes knocking on your door don’t jump into your victim shoes, instead put on your observer role. Question the reason this situation is showing up for you right now.

Looking back over the years of struggle I can clearly see the ‘why’
I needed booze to push me
To question‘is this it?’and know deep in my heart that it was not, better was waiting for me in sobriety
Thank you for the lesson booze

I needed to put on two stone
To question ‘what am I covering up, and what am I protecting myself from?’
Thank you for the lesson weight

I needed tennis elbow
To question‘where am I stuck, and why am I resisting a change in direction?’
Thank you for the lesson tennis elbow

I needed all of it to push me to where I needed to go
Thank you for all of the lessons, my friend adversity

And what I suggest in todays blog is not to become unemotional
Not to pretend that you’re not feeling x, y, z
But to realise that you are not your pain
That pain, struggle, drama are transitory
And source is eternal
Energy cannot die
It only moves from one place to another

And it matters where you place your precious energy
On the drama?
On the space in-between the drama and the observer?
Or as the observer itself

Get to know this technique
Get to know HOW to shift your attention
Learn it in meditation
Then see how this technique HAS to naturally be applied to your adversity
Do the Ocean Meditation (www.quantumsuperpowers.com/meditations)
Daily if possible
And what you’ll find after a while is that the concept remains with you always
Without even having to try
You just stepped into a new reality….

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

It’s mind blowing, Whoo.
I just wonder how in the world I happened to connect with you. We are from completely different worlds and times yet there is this resonance. It’s a bit spooky. I’m only on page 64.

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