Why I Tore Up My Vision Board 😯

Daily Motivation 237

I realised it whilst in Scotland on retreat last month
I had it confirmed these last 10 days in London hanging out with Rajmohan Gandhi
It happened yesterday

I didn’t actually tear my vision board up as I think that it’s really good to have a record of ones journey, like these blogs or your journal, but yesterday I moved my vision board from its prime location on the wall in front of me when I sit at my desk (where it’s been for the last four years), to much higher up and out of my line of sight.

Something HUGE has happened
A shift so fundamental that it needed to be shared
And the transformation is this:


Now I am not saying to everyone that it’s time to tear up your vision boards, as they are an important stage in our growth process, but I am saying that once you connect to your heart and are living in that place of pure love all day long there is no NEED to manifest anything external to yourself because you realise that what you have always been searching for, you had all along within yourself.

We live one of two ways, and they both create very different lives for us:

  • Form
  • Formless
In the world of form we are attached to what is outside, what we see, what we can touch. In this place we are easily disappointed as we are searching for others to satisfy our needs. This is of course also where addiction to substances comes into play; we fill that gap with something that numbs us and separates us from our own unique reality.

When we let go of form and connect with what is formless, through meditation, we understand that there is NO-THING that can make us truly happy that is outside; it ALL comes from within. And once we grasp this concept we HAVE to let go of form, as it no longer makes any sense at all.

This notion may be new to you, something that is just beginning to dawn on your horizon, or you may already be having glimpses of formless experience yourself.

My challenge to you today is to see if you can touch it just for a second
For if you do there is no going back
Once you make first contact, you change your brain
And you will ALWAYS be able to recall what it felt like to be in a formless state

Then, build upon the experience
Each time you meditate let go of form
Surrender to your heart
Relinquish control of your outer world and allow yourself to be guided by pure love

And don’t worry about being scared, that is normal!
If you weren’t terrified I’d be worried
But now is the time to peel away the outer coating of your ‘want’ for ‘things’ and begin the process of renunciation of what you have always been taught will make you happy.

We are in a new world
So we cannot live in the same way
It’s time to jump
And meditation will hold you in a protective embrace and guide you on this journey to self-realisation

Of course the QS community is about having support as you journey within, and is the net to catch you as you quantum leap into a new reality, higher frequency, new unseen world. If you’re not already part of this global revolution, then why not make the commitment today as we are delving even further into this subject in a lively conversation in the private community.
Tomorrow I’ll share with you what I have put up on the wall where my vision board used to be….

Member Quote Of The Day:

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Hello everyone,
This is my two month marker day 
Thank you for all the support and inspiration.
Taking it slowly, but am needing to look at my food intake after buying a bigger size trews! X

J, Online Programme


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