Who’s Got Your Sober Back? 🍸


How’s your head this morning?

Are you waking up full of beans and proud of not getting hammered last night, or do you feel like you’ve been run over by a train? Had you planned not to drink but the ‘urge’ took a hold of you?

We are surrounded by so much conditioning; in the form of it being ‘difficult’ to stop drinking/bingeing, being bombarded in the media of how cool drinking is in the form of our favourite movies/series etc, and of being surrounded by people who are doing it and having ‘fun’.

But what happens when it’s not ‘fun’ for you any more yet your friends and family have no idea what you’re going through. Maybe nobody knows the full extent of the problem so you feel totally alone in wanting to make radical changes. Sometimes it can feel very isolated when all around you are necking booze and sugar without an iota of understanding of how that makes you feel.
But lets face it nobody ever said,

“I wish I was hungover this morning”

And was the hangover worth it?
Can you remember everything that you did, said, implied?
Is the wasted day doing nothing, and feeling like crap, the best use of your time?
Can you be the most you can be in this state to your partner, your children, those that depend on you?
Can you stay sane doing this day in day out, week in week out?

What if I told you that there is a community of people who are changing the rules around sobriety.

Who are making it cool.

Breaking the conditioning down and seeing it for what it really is: POISON
Supporting each others’ recovery from the brainwashing that has covered our globe and taken us so far away from our truth that we find filling ourselves with toxins and shouting at each other ‘fun’.

This new community is based on connection, love and truth.

Where unconditional support is given to those that are ready to jump into the new paradigm, and where there are many waiting on the new shore with arms outstretched. But this is only for those that are willing to leave behind the old patterns and forge a new reality, with a community that understand without question how you feel.

If these words pull at your heart then you are one of us.
And you are denying yourself by holding back and taking that next drink; taking yourself further away from truth, rather than towards the light that is in your heart.

Practically the following conversation took place last month and one member had the breakthrough they had dreamt of; she is now enjoying her ‘new’ sober life more than she ever thought possible….

I’d like to share something very special with you today. It is a post that appeared yesterday in the Quantum Sobriety online course forum, and a humungous great big shift by one member…..

Member Quote.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:
I had a huge emotional shift last week that I really want to share with anybody that has issues with emotional eating. I had a bad day at work, I had a huge disagreement with someone, this would have normally been a huge trigger for me to want sugar or to overeat on rubbish. I decided to walk away from the situation and I went back to my desk. I did make some raw chocolate brownies the night before and had one with me at work, for a second I did think about eating the brownie, but something in me resisted and I decided NO I am not going to eat it as it would be to comfort myself because I was feeling angry/upset. I decided to go for a walk, I cleared my head and came back feeling empowered. A couple of hours later I ate my brownie with a cup of chai tea and really enjoyed it knowing that I was not eating it as a fix to an emotion that I was feeling. None of this would have been possible without Quantum Sobriety, having the Facebook community to reach out to has been amazing, I posted on the group last week and shared my shift with the emotional eating. Along with the Facebook Community the meditation practice has helped me centre myself and calm any triggers that may come up. If you are struggling with an addiction no matter what that is, Alcohol, Drugs, Food etc, I highly recommend this group to you. It has been life changing for me, it has opened my eyes up and I can truly say that I love myself now inside and out. Go for it, open your mind and heart to the Quantum, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” 

Online Member

*blog and quote originally published in September 2016

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