Who Are You Underneath The Addiction❓


Ultimately what I teach is to connect to who you really are. To peel away the outer layers of ‘life’; your responsibilities, stresses, expectations and layers and layers of conditioning that has been placed upon and around you by society.

But Who Are You Underneath All That?

Perhaps you’ve never looked, or perhaps you have and found the process strange or scary. Or maybe you have had glimpses of your true unlimited self but that part of you gets covered over once more when you become overwhelmed once more with ‘life’.

What is more important though?
Getting caught up in day to day life?
Or spending a little time each day looking within and connecting to who you really are?

For me the part of the day that I stop my outer world from whirling around and carrying me off centre is the most important. Right now I am eagerly anticipating sitting on my cushion because meditation is the next part of my daily self-care routine (after writing my daily blog), and I know that I am going to reconnect to pure essence; my very spirit. I actually get really really excited about it!

For freedom, happiness, love, abundance, contentment and all of what we want to feel on a daily basis is ALREADY within us. You can’t genuinely get that stuff from others.
What other people give us is MOMENTARY happiness but the stuff that lasts all day comes from within. And meditation is the fast track to that connection; you will learn HOW to travel inside and discover the bounty that awaits.

So right now as you read this, close your eyes before you go any further and connect to your breathing and to your BEING-NESS.
Nobody else can ever experience what you are witnessing right now = your breath
Nobody else can ever experience what you are witnessing right now = your heart beat
Nobody else can ever experience what you are witnessing right now = your body
Nobody else can ever experience what you are witnessing right now = your EXPERIENCE

Celebrate who you are in this moment
Celebrate the wonder of your experience
Celebrate the uniqueness of your situation

And if you have no idea about who you are underneath the layers of what society has placed upon you then you have an amazing journey ahead of you, one which never ends and brings adventure after adventure. Finding passion and purpose along the way.
Uncovering your greatness.
And all of the answers are there within, there is nothing that you don’t know that you need to.
Freedom is waiting for you to discover.
Love is anticipating your attention.
True deep lasting internal eternal happiness; the type that sticks around even when it seems like your outer world is crashing in around your head, is anticipating your arrival. You can’t get it from someone else, you cannot find it outside of yourself, it all lies within….

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I’m home from the most amazing experience – a 5 day retreat at Quantum Sobriety. I was extremely sceptical and nervous, but my eyes are now open. Thank you to Jo, Dom, Nikki and Tommy as well as my fellow guests. I’ll always remember this week as a rebirthing of my new life x

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