Who Am I Now? 🤷‍♀️


Who Am I?
Is the question I asked more than 20 years ago
And once uttered
The journey began

Who Am I Now?
Is what I asked of myself five years down the line
I had done a ton of work
But was still struggling

Who Am I Now? 
10 years into my spiritual quest to understand why I was here
What I was supposed to be doing
How was I going to get through my addictions
I asked again

Who Am I Now? 
15 years on the path
Still not free
But so much further toward where I now knew I was going

Who Am I Now? 
20 years in
And now realising that what I have been searching for all this time has always been within
Just like onion skins peeling off
Layer by layer
Getting close to what has always been there
The core
The heart
But was so covered over that it got missed
Was forgotten

Who Am I Now?
Today there is no journey
The search party got called back
I don’t want to ‘go’ anywhere
I am already all that I want/need to be
I don’t want to ‘be’ anywhere else
This moment is perfect
This moment is free
This moment is all that there is

Who Am I Now?
Will remain a question I ask
Even though the journey to get anywhere is over
The pilgrimage of life continues
And my only wish becomes to get clearer on who the ‘I’ is
What came before the physical form
And where will ‘I’ be ‘going’ after the death of the body
Deeper and deeper into the question I have been asking for more than 20 years
Who Am I?


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