Wherever You Lay Your Belief ๐Ÿ”ฎ


When my mind becomes still I plug into the quantum and everything becomes available to me
This is one of life’s great paradoxes
When we live in our head we are too busy to connect to the quantum; the door is shut
Yet when we drop down into our heart and find silence, we actually open the door to infinity.

There is magic waiting for you
& the quickest path to it is meditation
When you are drunk or high this connection isn’t just behind a closed door, it is cut off entirely.
So why would you close yourself to it?

Just being here in this community means that the quantum is calling. Make no mistake you are meant to be here, you deserve to be here, and your liberation is GUARANfriggingTEED
You can delay it
Keep yourself from where you are ultimately headed
Deny what is rightfully yours
It’s all a choice
It’s all possible
And wherever you lay your belief is what you will become….


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