Where The Spell Of Experience Is Created ⚡


What happens when you let go
When you loosen the tight grip of control
And begin the process of truly allowing

What happens when you no longer have stable ground to walk on
For the floor of normality fell in
And there are very few who can support you
Who have gone before on this path

Lightness beckons
Space opens up
And even though you have no idea where you’re going, because probably no one in your family or even your friends have gone there before, you experience a pull towards the unknown

What happens when you let go of the physical
Step back and become the observer
Even further still
Until you rest as the wave function

What happens when you live from the place that is pre-physical
The place where everything that you’ve ever, and will in the future, experience was born FROM
The caldron of pure potentiality
Where the spell of experience is created

This is how you rest as the wave function
No physical experience means anything here
You are before it
In the fertile void of creation itself
Your energy focused here rather than on yesterdays physical manifestation

No need to worry about what you see, hear, feel, taste or smell
For you are beyond even the senses
From here you choose your reality
Decide how you are to perceive the senses
Some prefer autumn to summer
Others favour coffee over tea
I’m sure you have friends that love to ski
Whilst the remainder insist on a beach holiday

All boiling down to perception
The filters that are in place IN-BETWEEN the wave function/pure potentiality and the experience

So can you go back
To the beginning of it all
Where you are pure energy

Rest there
Rest as the wave function
Begin during your next meditation
And then bring this state into everyday living
As much as possible
Let go of the density
Jump into the caldron of pure potentiality
Where the spell of experience is created….


Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

I am one year one month sober.
And I am perhaps at my lowest ebb. And ok too.

I am my own person today. But life is hard at the moment. I feel very fierce and vulnerable and alone and tearful and strong and lots of things I can’t quite name yet. I am fucked off and I am sad and I am ok and I am not.

Residential Retreat and Online Member

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