When We’ve Crossed The Line Into Stress 😖


I Had To Share This With You.

You know when you read something and it has such an impact on you still days later, that you simply HAVE to share it with everyone in your orbit? Well that happened last week! The residue of the words have had a profound effect on me to the point that I have shifted so dramatically in my thinking that I simply had to talk about it. Read the quote first, then my comments below it:

The moment we tell our children what a bird is, they lose the natural capacity to experience the bird as their own beingness. Parents are so eager to teach their children as many concepts as possible. But as a result, they begin projecting the illusion of a separate, physical and independent world outside of themselves and lose touch with the true nature of appearances. Call it something and you strip that ‘something’ of its perfect unity with All That Is. Name something and that ‘something’ now appears to exist apart from the Infinite Creator. Label something and all hope for understanding that ‘something’ experientially is lost.
Bentinho Massaro
I read this four days ago, in the height of the final preparations for the QS Tour which of course begins TONIGHT (in London)!!! Four days ago I had a ‘picture’ in my mind about how I wanted the tour to look like:
  • xx amount of people at each event
  • media presence at each event
  • every workshop sold out
And then I read this quote and realised how I had been projecting what MY EGO wanted for this tour, rather than what the tour is all about; connection of those that resonate with QS.

So I stopped ‘pushing’ and sat back to enjoy the final few days of preparations, watching it unfold as it was supposed to. There is such a fine line sometimes between ‘pushing’ and ‘wanting’ a certain outcome (and therefore stripping it of its true nature), and planting the seeds of intention and then letting go and allowing it to be its own perfect unity (to use Bentinho’s words).

Ultimately we KNOW when we’ve crossed the line into stress and/or ego, for it feels tight and stagnant; the flow has ceased. In meditation especially this is incredibly obvious, and once I had ‘let go’ of my ego-led demands for the tour, my practice along with my life shifted dramatically.

It’s funny how in some areas of our lives we ‘get it’, whilst in others we are still ‘struggling’. I know for me I have to often remind myself to apply the QS principles to other areas of my life; I called QS in yesterdays blog ‘The School Of Life’ as that is exactly what it is, and why addicts (in my opinion) are lucky; WE GET TO LEARN THIS NOW THROUGH OUR ADDICTION and then we can use the QS modality as a passage to total self-realisation.

It’s not about the substance you are currently struggling with!
There is so much more going on here!
And that is what QS is all about
We are going so far within
That we transcend the substance
The behaviour
The emotion
Our past
Our present
And we step out into our future knowing who we are, what we want, and where we are going….

Looking forward to tonight and whatever the evening will bring
And of course seeing many of you there! 😄

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

If you’re here, you are becoming your best self. No matter how many hours, days, months, years you have of sobriety. Believe that! Your intention is here….I thought Id live with crippling anxiety my whole life. I thought that’s just who I was. With a lot of help and inspiration from QS, I have created a new reality Thank you every one!!!!!
N, Online Member

The QS Tour Countdown

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