What’s Underneath The Trigger?


Meditation and addiction are so similar
And the former can be the key that unlocks the door to not just recovery, but an awakening to the true nature of the mind and liberation of self.

Our world will form to the shape of our beliefs
Collapsing from a concept into an experience, only through the activation of what we regard to be true; we cannot experience anything that we do not believe.

➡︎ Take struggle
It is only real if we give it our attention
If we do not then it is gone
I N  A N  I N S T A N T

And what is in its place?

➡︎ Take thoughts
They are only real if we give them our attention
If we do not they are gone
I N  A N  I N S T A N T

And what is in their place?

So if we learn, in meditation, the nature of our thoughts and how to let them go
Then so too when we are triggered, we ALREADY know what to do; we’ve trained ourselves and understand that:

  1. the triggers are not real
  2. because thoughts are not real
  3. nothing in fact is real, it is all an illusion

And that illusion is our PERCEPTION
= what we BELIEVE to be true
And it can change or be gone
I N  A N  I N S T A N TFor if we take the perception away
What is left?
What is underneath?
What is behind?
What is true?
What is constant?

Connect with that and you will never be triggered again
That part of you can never be triggered
This aspect of you has no judgement, opinion, craving
It cannot be forced, changed, sad, lonely
It just is

Yet it does sometimes feel like love
It is open, inviting, like a huge container of potential
And available to every single one of us
It is collective consciousness
The whole that we are all part of
How we are connected to each other

And when you tap into this purity it blows your heart open
Suddenly you do understand
And smile
It was here all along!
What you have been searching for all this time
Something that nobody can describe
Something that nobody can give you
Something that only YOU can discover
And meditation is the fast track

There are no triggers here
Only peace
I am smiling as I write, as I am wholly connected to it
Every aspect of my being

And this connection to source is travelling to you now as you read this
That’s how it works
It wants to be shared
It wants us to all know it
Feel it
Live in it

So today,
Preferably just after you’ve read this and received the transmission, close your eyes and drop down underneath the trigger, drama, sadness, loss, anger, regret; whatever you are feeling
And connect with what is below, underneath;
The current of life, the earths heartbeat;
The ‘is’ that runs through everything
And be there for as long as you can today….

*this blog was first published in June 2017


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