What Would Make YOU Reach Out And Ask For Help❓


If the opposite of addiction is connection then what is preventing YOU from connecting to yourself (meditation) and an understanding community? I’d love to know what would make YOU reach out and ask for help.

At the weekend we had our AGM where we discussed how to make QS better for the community and what came up again and again was how wonderful the day was on Saturday; to MEET each other face to face. Our online community is wonderful, and getting my Daily Motivation snippets keep you focused (hopefully!) on your truth, but there is nothing like actual direct connection with those that have your back 100%

And this is exactly the point, everyone in this community knows what you are going through for they are either also feeling the same way, or they have done in the past. THERE IS NO JUDGEMENT! You know how much easier it is sometimes to talk to a stranger, yet the person/s closest to you do not seem to understand or sympathise at all (how could they, they’ve never been where we are). We get that, have experienced it ourselves, and want to give YOU the support that you deserve.

The online programme gives you minute-to-minute access to someone who understands, plus fortnightly new meditations to guide you to freedom. What we’ve noticed over the years is those that make the biggest commitment to the programme are the ones with the most effortless sobriety, and we’re excited to take this one step further with the QS Groups.

It is another layer of the onion we peel away, shedding ever more distractions to our shining truth within. We step towards more freedom, more love, more CONNECTION
And here at QS HQ we are looking at ways to keep growing this community in different ways so that everyone gets a chance to connect in the way that resonates with them the most; for some it is in person, whilst for others it is online. However for all of us this journey is about diving in deep, letting go of the layers that no longer serve us and truly coming home to the very heart of who we are….

The Next Level Of Connection
Five QS Groups start up in March and you can book your place on your local Guide’s QS page, via the links on the Guides page: www.quantumsobriety.com/groups: and pay from £5 per Social. We also have a couple more locations around the UK which will begin to have Social meet-ups even though there is not a guide yet in place; more information to come, watch this space…
*this blog was first published in February 2018

Member Quote.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:
We’re most of us addicted to something (sugar, alcohol, drugs, mindless TV, computer games ….) and the opposite of addiction is connection. So why not come along to the QS Bury St Edmunds social to connect and chat wth likeminded people and find out just how easy it can be to leave your addiction behind you. I can’t wait to meet you.
QS Guide Sophie

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