What Were You Doing 19 Years Ago? 🤔


Have you heard of the metonic eclipse cycle?
No neither had I up until a few days ago!
But OMfriggingG it is fascinating

Now I don’t claim to know much about astrology, although I am becoming more and more sensitive to the movements of the planets which is having the effect of me wanting to know more. I think all of us can feel the intensity right now and this eclipse season is especially powerful for a number of reasons. The first is that there are THREE eclipses rather than the regular two, the second anomaly is how many planets are retrograde; meaning more turning inward to reflect on our lives. Mars is super close, which is what I talked about last week, and could be the reason for the intense heat we are experiencing across our planet. But for me what is most poignant and what I would like to share with you today, is the culmination of the current metonic eclipse cycle.

19 years ago the following happened:
28th July 1999 = a lunar eclipse 4 degrees of Aquarius
This year:
27th July 2018 = a lunar eclipse 4 degrees of Aquarius

19 years ago the following happened:
11th August 1999 = a solar eclipse 18 degrees of Leo
This year:
11th August 2018 = a solar eclipse 18 degrees of Leo

So here we are
At the end of a 19 year cycle
So the only question is:

“What were you doing in the summer of 1999?” 

In fact what were you doing in the whole of 1999
I know for me it was a very big year
My flat was put on the market, and I began to plan two years abroad; a years working visa for Australia was secured, and a years (not working) visa for Thailand. I’d worked at John Lewis for 12 years already and was ready to jump ship and have an adventure. EVERYTHING was about to change in my life; once the flat was sold in early 2000 I would live in Thailand for six years, never making it (to this day!) to Australia, and Inner Guidance was born in January 2001.

What I am finding really exciting is that the same is about to happen
I’m not running off to Asia this time
However, I can sense that BIG changes are coming
Not of the physical variety this time
For me this is all about the inner work
I am changing from within, and actually am less bothered by the external world than ever before
I’m a bliss-chaser now
And that means it’s all about VIBRATION

I can hardly recognise the Jo of 19 years ago
Yet she was part of the jigsaw puzzle of who I was becoming
So I don’t deny her
I love her wholeheartedly

Who were YOU?
What cycle are you completing TOMORROW at 10:57am BSTduring this Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse?
What intention are you setting, not just for the next month, but for the next frigging 19 years!
I told you this was a big one!

So can you spend some time today reflecting on what you were doing in 1999, perhaps what was coming to an end in your life and what was beginning. Then in your next meditation think about dropping down into your heart; could you set the intention to live from here during this next cycle? For that is the doorway that is now open to us all; a life lived from love, the heart, your truth. I know that this will be my intention as we move into the next cycle….

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Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Trigger, Love and The Lake are my favourite meditations. But everyone of them helped me through my sobriety. Also this CommUnity the love and support I have received over the last almost 3 years, The CommUnity has been here for me especially at the start, I will be forever thankful 🙏❤️😌. Sending My Love over the Quantum to each one of you in this beautiful CommUnity. 😊” 
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