What We See Won’t Change Until WE DO đź‘€

Daily Motivation 326


Our reflection in the mirror is an image of who we are
It never lies
And what we see won’t change until WE DO
Yet we often expect our external world to change without putting in the ‘inner’ work

What we are experiencing today
Is a result of our past actions
And what we are working on today
Will be the foundation of tomorrow
So what are you putting into place TODAY to create tomorrow?

In our society we are told to change what we see on the outside to make us feel happy on the inside; for example plastic surgery operations are increasing in astonishing numbers, but if you’re reading this you already know that a new nose or enhanced belly / boobs / face is not the answer to finding freedom or realisation. That is like getting someone else to reach into the mirror and change the reflection, without actually moving yourself; it’s cheating, and it won’t lead to the kind of eternal happiness that everyone reading this knows instinctively is possible (thats WHY you are reading this!).


You’ve got to park your bum on your cushion and be ready to drop down into the unfathomable depth of your subconscious mind and be willing to witness what comes up. And it can be deep, dark and dirty. It can be ugly, upsetting and there are layers that you are just not going to want to look at; but, if you are prepared to stand in front of the mirror and observe it all then you have the greatest opportunity that any of us ever will; enlightenment.

The mirror will always reflect back the truth
Your external world will match your inner beliefs
So change within and watch as your life transforms
And don’t blame the mirror! (your spouse, work, the kids, your finances etc…)

Then, going one step further than this
When YOU change everyone around you is also influenced
And this is how we change the world….

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âťťLoved today’s blog, and to know there’s somewhere to go beyond the cushion! …as in constant connection  thank you xx ❞

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