What Is Your Why❓


I asked the community this week to answer the following question in regards to getting sober from whatever substance or behaviour they joined QS for:

‘What Is Your Why?
Why Do You Want To Get Sober?’
Is a fundamental question we should all be asking ourselves because the answer will drive our sobriety forwards; acting like rocket fuel to launch us into the sober stratosphere. As you’re having a think read here just some of what our community said when asked this question….

My why was to get my life back. Over the years I had completely lost myself and any type of life. IT has to change and it did – through sobriety and the support of this brilliant group x

The why question is not straightforward. Why I found QS is. It was by chance and because I knew alcohol was endemic in my family and I didn’t want to continue my pattern with the same outcome. Also health issues appearing in my early 50s. Signing up is the best thing I have done. A work in progress.

My why was so I could look at myself in the mirror without self-hatred and so I could be the person I really am and the mother my child deserves.

My why was because I was fed up of food controlling my life, of being miserable in my skin, and not loving myself. I wanted to be free and to be happy with my life again to move on from my past xx

My why was desperation. I wanted my life back but after futile attempt at AA and a stint in the Priory felt I had exhausted every avenue. Then ‘by chance’ I stumbled upon QS. Wow what a life changer – just didn’t realise there was anything out there which totally resonated with my values and which could help – amazing! xxx

Why is because I have a beautiful life and I want to be present in it, not looking at it through the wobbly wine-vision or the sleepy eyes of another groggy morning-after. It’s all there for me to take and I WANT IT!! 


From the QS Community


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