What Is It That Sees Through Your Eyes? đź‘€

I feel very lucky to have been an addict
For now that the chronic craving for substances has gone
What remains 
Is a chronic craving to experience life more deeply

The need to destroy myself vanished
The desire to understand myself truly born

In the midst of my darkest days there was no light
But now
The light is all encompassing
I have tapped into that which we all are
Beyond what we see, smell, touch, taste and hear
Beyond even our awareness of the experience

For there is something aware of our awareness

It is infinite
It is always
It is everything

It has no judgement
No voice
No beliefs
No perception
It is beyond everything
Yet it contains everything

This is the one infinite creator
That which we all originate from
And where we will return to
Each of us is a unique expression of it
It uses us to experience everything 
As it is formless
Using our eyes to see
Our noses, arms, hands, fingers, ears and tongue to experience as much as it can
For it cannot do that without us
It needs us
Yet it has no reaction, like we do
Has no judgement of what it sees, smells, touches, tastes and hears
It simply is aware

In our meditation practice
Can we step back from our senses
And into awareness of them
Step back once more
Even further
To that which is aware of our own awareness

Rest in that place
Get to know the infinite 
Stabilise it
& by doing so you will feel so much more expanded 
Connection like nothing you’ve ever known before
Oneness comes into view
And you realise that you’ll never be alone again…

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

Yesterday was my 9 month AF milestone!
Life continues to get better and better,
and I am so grateful.”

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