What Is A Miracle?


Over in our private forum there were of course many discussions in the lead up to Christmas. Our QS Guides were on hand to support and reassure, by talking about their own journeys. One of them, Sophie, said this a few days before Christmas,

“I had a bit of a flashback yesterday. Rushing up the road to a supermarket at the crack of dawn. Only instead of buying booze I was looking for something my sister needed for Christmas. For a moment or two it felt the same though. It had been such a well-trodden path (the crack of dawn alcohol run) that the familiarity washed over me. I may be in a new reality now, but my body remembers (like riding a bicycle). I’m never surprised when these sorts of feelings surface. In fact, I’m grateful for them as they remind me of how my life used to be and I am respectful of the fact that my former life is always only one drink away. I can’t imagine wanting a drink now. However, these moments help to remind me why I will never have that one drink or think that I can.”

It got me thinking that perhaps one of our fledgling members may have taken the very same situation so differently; instead of being ‘grateful’ for the flashback, they may have freaked out and thought it was a terrible thing and been triggered to drink thinking they had ‘failed’.

In another conversation QS Guide Jayne commented that,

“A miracle is a change in mindset”

And that is exactly where Sophie is now, and where YOU can be in the near future. For when something shifts
You get it
And you can’t then un-get it
A miracle happened
And you will never ever be the same again…

Member Quote Of The Day:

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

A miracle is a change in mindset

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