What Filters Are YOU Looking Through?


We all see through filters.
What our parents taught us, our community imparted, school educated, our peers shared and how our job trained us.

Our beliefs developed through all of this, depending on who we listened to, what was available to us, and where in the world we grew up.

For anyone that has had an eye test you will know that the optometrist fits different lenses into a special pair of glasses to find the perfect ‘sight’.
When we are addicted to something that is destroying us we are seeing through a distorted lens; this is not our natural state (see yesterdays blog). And we know that things are not as they should be, we are struggling, searching, and having an almighty battle with ourselves.

So once we have established that we want to change, it is time to remove the outdated lenses (old conditioning) and begin to fit some new ones. This is the key to freedom; changing your mindset and belief system, and the fast track to do this is via meditation. When we access our subconscious mind and plant seeds of freedom down there, they will grow into all corners of our lives and we access genuine and authentic happiness; the sort that comes from the inside out.

So what filter are YOU looking through?
What has society taught you thus far?
Do you think that sobriety needs to be a lifetime struggle?
Or do you want to join the ever growing community who are discovering the joys of freedom?

I have experienced both, and can assure you that freedom tastes sweet and succulent and life offers me new and exciting opportunities each day because i am fully present and open.
I am totally available with the negative filters gone and my mind resting in a coherent state.
Quantum Sobriety’s intention is to join like-minded souls together to support each other in a new vision, a joint filter of freedom.


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