What Are You NOT? 🤔


This is a powerful practice of getting to the root of who you are, by releasing everything that you are not. When we can drop the stories, judgements, beliefs, the layers and layers of conditioned behaviour, we begin to get a glimpse of who we really are.

What are YOUR stories?
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are not?

“I am not worthy of x, y, z”
“I am not attractive”
“I will never be successful”
“Happiness isn’t for me”
“I don’t belong”

There are so many beliefs to cut through
Negating each one with

“I am not worthy of x, y, z”  TO  “I deserve x, y, z”
“I am not attractive”  
TO  “I love myself”
“I will never be successful”  
TO  “Success is my right”
“Happiness isn’t for me”
TO  “I am happy”
“I don’t belong”
 TO  “I am loved by the universe”

Because the stories are simply not true
We have been fed a certain line by the society we grew up in, our family, friends, teachers, peers
But none of it is true UNTIL YOU MAKE IT
Everything is a wave of possibility until you decide which course your life is going to take by collapsing a certain potential into an experience. No one can do this for you, as you are the sole driver of your life.

Who are you being influenced by
Who are you listening to
What are you believing

We are quantum jumping everyday, every minute in fact
A few days ago I talked about all of my past experiences of being in Holland were around drugs and partying. Today that is not my reality; THIS Jo has NEVER taken drugs, does not know what that feels like and has NOT ONE SINGLE desire to do so. That story got dropped and I am now MORE of who I really am because I no longer have the craving to move away from myself.

I am not this
I am not that

Do this exercise enough
And you will realise who you ARE

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I did the chakra meditation today Jo. First time I’ve sat contentedly for a whole meditation for a while. Definitely breaking through…🤗
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