What Am I Learning From This Struggle? šŸ˜£

Daily Motivation 219

We are living in a very special era
Where time is speeding up and we are having to face ourselves like never before
Yes it is not easy but by being willing to sit in the discomfort and allow the waves of uncertainty to trickle into our consciousnessĀ and be OK with whatever comes upĀ will bring a new clarity, an advanced vision and entry into the next level of living.

Ask yourself this,
‘In this time of struggle, what am I learning?’

For the resistance to something is the clue
WHY are you pulling back?
For what happens after the pulling back? Just think about waves crashing on the shore and what movement comes just before that, and the answer is there; the resistance is showing you that you are about to take a huge step forwards. That is why we are so reluctant to step over the line; because we frigging KNOW we’re about to be elevated way above where we’ve just been, and it is un-frigging-comfortable up there in the beginning before our wings have fully grown and we know exactly how to navigate this new world.

So rather than all the woe-is-me, why-does-everything-have-to-happen-to-me antipathy, WAKE UP and realise that it’s happening to everyone! No one is getting out of this current upgrade!
Are you human?
Upgrade time then!

Luckily for you as part of this community, you have the information to get you through and understand what is going on. You have the advantage of knowing to LOOK AT your current struggle for the answer rather than fight against it, and by doing so you will get to the other side so much quicker than those thatĀ continue to deny who they are becoming.

In my meditation last night I asked the above question,
‘What am I learning from this current struggle’
and I got a huge answer….


I am learning grace
Grace in every given situation, ESPECIALLY the difficult ones
That meditation moved me to tears
And writing about it now has also

As I said we are in momentousĀ times folks
Nothing stays the same
We are changing and expandingĀ all the time and cannot try to stay the same, for THAT is trueĀ hell

WeĀ flow and grow
Evolve and dissolve who we used to be
We flourish rather than punishĀ 
And becomeĀ the self that was always destinedĀ to be freeĀ 

So can you drop the resistance
Begin to question the struggle
And realise that the answer has always been there, within, simply waiting for you to see….

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If you haven’t already – I really recommend you listen in to Jo De Rosa’sĀ meditation recording over on Quantum Superpowers today all about “Wholeness” – very inspiring – Love to EveryoneĀ 

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