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After yesterdays discipline blog I’d like to continue on the theme going into the weekend, and set you some homework!
What I have noticed over the years of working with addicts is that often our minds are very similar around discipline; we thrive on it
We love the ritual of drinking/ drugging/ eating
And we can EASILY learn a NEW healthy ritual to put in place of an unhealthy one
So discipline guides us to where we wish to go
Becoming a great friend who only wants the best for us
And it is up to YOU to let your friend know what the NEW ritual is now that the old one is obsolete.
So here, on Friday, what are you putting in place to effortlessly float in sobriety through the weekend?
Here are some tips, and my own personal daily routine which I stick to like glue:
1) Writing: as soon as I wake up I allow a stream of consciousness to pour through me and onto the page. This forms my journal and these blogs
2) Meditation: I livestream my practice most days for added accountability, and cannot imagine life now without this quiet, reflective, me time
3) Exercise: sometimes its a yoga routine, weight training session, or a few quick stretches, but I always move my body and awaken my physical aspect
4) Healthy food: as soon as I’ve finished exercising I will eat something and as a ‘clean eater’ this will be sugar, gluten, processed-free vegan plant-based foods
For me there is no better start to my day
I am connected to my mind
I am connected to my body
I am connected to the quantum
And I am ready for the day
So what have you / can you put in place this weekend?
Can you organise your morning routine to suit your personality so that it it a pleasure to execute rather than a chore?
A new ritual
A new energy
A new life….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
“So this time last year, i worked for a week in ***. I was furiously doing the Trigger meditation everyday & reading/down loading so much quitting alcohol books i could shove onto my kindle. The healing felt so raw & new. Spent daily walks looking out across to ***. It truly is a beautuful view if you’ve never seen it. Very majestic & breathtaking. Was so good to have this backdrop when i felt so all over the place.
Feels sooooo different going back this time. I am grounded, more self assured & feel so at peace these days. The incense, candles, crystals & my wooden buddha are all packed. The daily rituals are an absolute must & part of my self care/love. Did the love meditation today. Dedicated it all out to all you guys & my family. Lots of love tribe “
K, Online Programme

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