What A Difference Five Years Makes! ➡5⬅

Daily Motivation 279


Facebook has a habit of throwing out photo memories and this past week was no different. What it gave me was my birthday celebrations five years ago:
I turned 40
I was drinking heavily
I had a huge chocolate cake (not of the healthy variety)
and Dom was at his heaviest, 31/2 stone more than he is now

We were certainly not the picture of health
I was desperately trying to hold it all together, whilst inside I was falling apart
The party was lovely
I got very drunk
Dom and I probably had an argument

Life couldn’t be further from that now
And this blog is a message that you are NEVER too old to turn your life around.
It’s never too late to decide that enough is enough
Is TODAY the time to find your brave face and commit to something new?
Something better for yourself?

When I look back at that Jo of five years ago, I want to give her a hug and tell her to not be so worried about the future. I want to reassure that scared girl and inform her that the freedom she intuitively felt was real, true, and about to become realised; all she had to do was trust herself enough to make the commitment to not drink anymore.

And I know that I attract like-minded people to this blog. I suspect that on some level you believe in freedom, that is why you are here reading these words. There are many who are not and who haven’t had freedom whisper in their ear, they will continue to harm themselves and not even realise that there is another path.

But YOU are different
You’ve heard that voice
You intuitively know that you can do better, be better; be MORE OF YOURSELF
It’s time to come home
To who you’ve always been
You just got a little lost down the rabbit hole of excess
It didn’t give you what you had hoped, did it?
Your heart can though
So listen very closely to it, in your meditation today; what is it telling you is the next step?
And are you brave enough to take it…..

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝I just want to check in and say how much I love reading the posts on here, they keep my feet on the ground and give me the support and inspiration I need to stay true and sober. I’ve been really quiet lately and I haven’t shared for ages but this is not because I’ve been drinking – this really is a thing of the past. It’s very strange but the desire to drink away my problems and stress has been lifted. I still get the triggers but I don’t have the desire.

I’m three years in to my journey and I really finally feel free. I’ve picked up wine during this time, but I put it down now and don’t even like the taste and it makes me feel instantly disconnected and anxious. There is a lot going on at the moment with a move out of London imminent, I’m trying to find a new job and school for my son and normally I’d be celebrating and commiserating each small success or disappointment with booze or drugs.

I hope that this gives hope to those struggling – working on self care and meditation really does work. It has not been an overnight story of success, it’s been a rocky road but the urge is just no longer there. It is impossible not to change when practising self love and care day to day. So thank you everyone for the wise words and courage and honesty when posting.  *** your story really resonated with me and has made me more determined and relaxed in my sobriety so thank you. Funny how a few sentences or a paragraph can completely alter one’s focus and thought process. I don’t really like sharing but I hope this gives others hope. I used to binge at least once a week and now I don’t 😆 it’s amazing. Life is so much richer and kinder xxx❞

M, Online Programme


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