Want Rose Tinted Glasses? 🌹


The QS Book.

Every Tuesday I share with you a quote from the Quantum Sobriety book.
I hope you enjoy!
It’s like putting on
rose-tinted glasses
that you never have to take off 

For most of us the struggle has been a lengthy one
With many false starts, disappointments, regrets and relapses
One day
It happens
We put on rose-tinted glasses that we never have to take off
Sobriety = freedom
You never have to worry about doing that to yourself again
And you realise
That life really is so much better on the sober side of the fence…

Book Review.

Read something that has been said about the Quantum Sobriety book. Reviews coming in now thick and fast:

It’s totally unique Jo as in compared to other addiction topic books, giving me a different perspective on my addiction and tools to enable me to change ..love it , going to start my vision board this week end . Also it is EASY to read 

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