Unforeseen Circumstances, What Would YOU Do❓

Daily Motivation 293


The delivery was to be made between 7am and noon and I didn’t really give it a second thought, and it’s been booked for around three weeks. Then this morning at 6:30am we were informed that we were the first on the days schedule and the drivers would be with us in 25 minutes.

I am excited
We’ve been waiting for this moment for the last six years
A new bedroom suite
The combination of the last few years of birthday and Christmas presents from both our families, and the day we can throw away a very very old bed.

But what about my blog❓

I haven’t written it yet; not even started!
And there is a flicker of stress; this is the first day in 10 months that I fear it is not going to go out before 8am
And a nanosecond later: total calm
It will be ok
The blog will be late
No one will mind
Stop beating yourself up
Will anyone even notice?
It will be ok

And that is the difference
I could see it right there
I knew it was going to be ok
The hours of mind training that I have put in over the years brought me to this point;


Years back it would have
A lot of ‘shit shit I’ve disappointed people, what will they think of me, shit shit’
Today I really enjoyed assembling our new bedroom and took the opportunity to sort through a lot of stuff rather than simply putting it back the way it was.

Then I needed to get ready
Then I meditated
Then we had an open day
Then the awning broke in the wind
Then there was washing up to do

It was only at 4pm that I finally got the time and space to sit down and begin to write,
But I knew exactly what I was going to write about;
Like the whole unforeseen circumstance was set up SO THAT I could write about it, for I got such an insight into how I would have reacted in the past and how I did today. How in the past I would have felt like a failure but today, now that the resistance to life has gone, I know that it is all happening for a reason. And I accept it.

Daily meditation has given me mental stability which shows itself in all corners of my life; I simply do not get stressed any longer. And I want that for YOU. My job, these blogs, everything that I teach is about sharing what I’ve learnt so that you too can not be shaken by the unforeseen circumstances in your life.

Yes you can plan what you’re going to drink at the party, and what you’re going to say is the reason booze/sugar/drugs are off limits for you now, but what happens when something unexpected happens? When the trigger startles you? When you are knocked off balance?

Meditate, meditate, meditate
Attain spiritual strength
This is about so much more than addiction, for once you have established an unwavering practice you can literally cope with anything

I began writing just before 4pm
I finished at nearly 5.30pm
It has taken me double the time it usually does because:

  • the phone rang
  • someone was at the door
  • an important email came in etc..
Distraction after distraction at this time of day, which is why I normally write first thing. This is also why I meditate in the morning too, these two activities the most important for me and so they get done FIRST.
I don’t like chasing my tail or feeling like I’m on the back foot
I can’t wait to write tomorrows blog tomorrow morning!
Wow what an interesting day it’s been!
How was yours?
And did you even notice this blog was 10 hours late?

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