Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin?


As the December Residential Retreat was last week, I thought I’d share a 2018 participants words as they walked out the door to return home a totally different person….

Parting Words…

Please come if you are uncomfortable in your own skin, ill at ease in life, at odds with the world. The physical people here, the spirits, the animals, the surroundings, all care for you, listen to each person as an individual, understand, and move you forward into a life of peace and magic. 

My second time here (a third already booked); best possible use of savings. It’s a combination of religious experience (of any/all/no faith); of an individual 5 days with brilliant therapist/psychologist; of a truly luxurious 5-star hotel and restaurant. Each time I feel rested, restored, healed and AWARE that I am creating my own reality/future, and of oneness with creation.


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