Unbelievably THIS Has Been My Biggest Teacher 😯

Daily Motivation 336


We can grumble about what is going on in our lives
We can feel like it’s not fair
Maybe it seems that YOU have it worse off than everyone else?

The truth is that my most difficult moments, relationships and circumstances have been my greatest teachers

Marriage and children are both wonderful, yet they can also bring the biggest challenges
Who hasn’t experienced money troubles?
And who has got the perfect family?

For the majority of my clients their addiction has become so chronic that they are on the cusp of losing everything and everyone, meaning this so called ‘crisis’ has actually led to a potential awakening; not just to mere sobriety, but to ultimate freedom

So how can we call this a problem?
Really? When so much potential happiness is around the corner

Are you someone who blames outer circumstances when the shit hits the fan, or do you look for the deeper meaning:

‘Why is this happening to me? How have I manifested this into my life?’

I do the later
I take the current ‘issue’ into meditation and once in a deep stable place ask, observe and reflect
And it is this very exercise that has created true, deep, lasting, fundamental, epic, life-changing insights and answers. I’ll give you a couple of examples:

➤ EXAMPLE ONE: Rushing
I’ve written about this recently; my compulsion to rush everywhere, a lifelong habit that I picked up aged 16 when I started working in central London. And then my whole life wanted to rush rush rush everywhere, get there quicker, get that done faster, yes! I caught the lights before they went red, yes! I’m going to catch the earlier train etc etc.

‘What am I rushing for?’

….is what I took into my meditation to ask, observe and reflect on
And the answer didn’t come during the session
It arrived days (possibly weeks, I can’t remember exactly) later when once again I was rushing and suddenly ⚡️ it hit me ⚡️


Massive revelation
And a shift that is permanent
Now if I miss my train I let control go and enjoy the time waiting for the next one
Now I walk sssslllllloooooowwwwwwwwllllllly
Now I don’t set such ridiculously high expectations of my working day
Now it doesn’t matter if I catch the lights or not!

Now I enjoy every single gorgeous moment of my life without the need to rush it

➤ EXAMPLE TWO: Husbands
Last week we had a full retreat and it seemed ALL the locals were to turn up for yoga class, so Dom was making cacao for 24 people. This meant that he needed to make multiple jugs of it in the vitamix, and the vitamix is very very loud.

I was in the studio doing my own practice
I left the door open so that any guests that wanted to join me felt welcome to do so
Dom left the kitchen door OPEN

Oh my goodness the noise!
For the whole 30 minutes of my practice that frigging vitamix was going
I got angry
I got frustrated
I cursed
I swore

But it happened differently this time
From an altered perspective
As the observer
I watched the human form struggle
Yet was not attached to it
For it was not happening to the real ‘me’, it was ONLY happening to the physical part of ‘me’
And in that moment I broke through a lifelong block and began to laugh, perhaps you saw me laugh on the livestream!
It was truly beautiful
And I began to thank Dom and the noise
For FORCING me into that shift

And this is why us addicts are LUCKY
For we are dragged through this journey, and if we are guided into becoming the observer of the experience, we can transcend anything.

So I thank all of my unlikely teachers
All of the struggles that shaped my desire to find liberation
For I am happier today than I have ever been before
In fact I become freer EVERYDAY for the journey never ends, the evolution continues, and life is one glorious lesson after another
So what are YOU learning today?

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:


It’s the best thing I ever did (the residential retreat). Changed my life. We’re all on a journey and to be honest it’s nothing but a magical one. I see that now after 8 months sober. If we didn’t have this problem or gift we wouldn’t be the colourful souls that we are. Keep strong and take it all in!❞ 

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