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It’s funny how just one sentence, conversation, blog, film, person or situation can turn your world upside down. The teacher comes along when the student is ready, and our life ‘lessons’ come in many forms. This blog is inspired by a comment from someone in the QS community and as soon as I read it something clicked in me and I knew I wanted to explore how it felt. It was in reply to someone else’s post and was meant as support as the member explained not to feel that you are missing out when out and not drinking and that,
❝The Morning Is My New Evening❞
And something resonated so deep within me
For it was also true for me
Now, my perfect day is getting to bed early and sober so that I can wake up early and fresh to commence my morning routine of blogging, meditating, exercising and a healthy breakfast.
Now, if I am out late and can’t get into my bed by 10pm I am tired, groggy and half-asleep.
What a turn around!
❝The Morning Is My New Evening❞
Back in the height of my drugging and drinking I was only just getting going at 10pm!
I wouldn’t have dreamt of slipping into bed so early or waking up with the digits beginning at 5
And there is no regret
No feeling of loss
In fact I have gained so much, so many MORE hours in every day
So much more productivity that I would NEVER have been able to achieve with a hangover and a bunch of regrets
So on this Sunday, instead of having a lay-in I am up at the usual time and making the most of every single minute of my amazing life. And it feels really really good.
My life turned upside down 1,658 days ago when I took my last drink
I stepped into an unknown world where I expected to become boring
What happened instead was the biggest revelation of my life;
My life turned upside down in June 2015 when I read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and realised that I could apply the QS philosophy (change your reality) to switch from being an ‘evening person’ to a ‘morning person’; something that at aged 40-something I didn’t think was possible, but of course we all know reading this that ANYTHING is possible.
My life is turning upside down again at the moment as a new level of understanding is opening up for me, something that is hard to put into words right now as it is more of a sensation; an opening. I am peeling back a layer that I no longer need to reveal something new and beautiful that doesn’t even have words for it yet. So you will have to wait, as I do, for them to form.
Today I couldn’t be happier to be awake right now
Awake in my body
But also awake within
No more need to numb out from myself, from the world
And just by being part of this community you also say YES to freedom
Happy Sunday!

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In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
❝The Morning Is My New Evening❞
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