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Daily Motivation 179

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This was posted over the weekend by a new member and I totally loved the analogy of the jigsaw puzzle, so asked permission to share Lara’s story with the community at large. This mother of two boys has been sober for 23 days and is inspiring many with her open heart and generous words….

So I’m feeling much more able to really engage with my boys, decorating the older ones room with him on Thurs (long day!!) and playing with my younger son. I promised we’d do his new jigsaw this afternoon… when I looked at the box I saw it was 4 puzzles which is fine, but when I opened it HORRORS the bits are all jumbled in together – thanks Ravensberger!!!! Just sorting through them so I can do them one at a time with him, I looked at the bits on the table and I thought I’d share this photo with you as it says a lot about where I am and many of us must be right now. A box of jumbly pieces all mixed in together, a picture of the things I want at the end of the day and…. all that sorting out to do to get there. Fitting the bits not only together but in the right pictures. As you can see, some of the puzzles are coming together faster than others from the mess in the box and others are taking time to pick through and get the bits in the right places… well there is work to do alright but doing it in the right way in good company can make all the difference to how enjoyable it all is.

I know it’s not long (23 days sober) by comparison to many of the wonderful people her, they are an inspiration for me. All I can say is that already I have the clarity from meditating and engaging here to see how it’s a conscious process not just a case of shutting my eyes tight and gritting my teeth through it whenever I get triggered and that’s down to QS, the people and the daily practice xxx
Lara, Online Programme

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