Today Is A Very Special Day 🎇🎁🎊


I have been feeling energy building for the last few weeks
Like standing on the edge of something
An expectancy
Knowing that everything is about to change

My initial reaction to this is
“I want it NOW”
“I don’t want to wait”

And I begin the process of forcing

For the addict mind does not want to wait
It has lost the ability for patience
And fallen into the trap of instant gratification

So I took my grappling into meditation
Looked at it
Sat with it
Made peace with it
And let it go
It was only then that I could truly begin to FEEL the approaching shift

It has been like a heavy (in a good way) ball of light density gently advancing like a bank of cloud. Within this ball of energy is a whirr of activity, giving off immense energy like an electricity pylon. And just like these huge structures this energy ball has been a transmission tower; signalling that change is coming.

Perhaps you know what is about to change
I do
I know which area of my life is yearning for upgrade
And without me even realising it
Many things have fallen into place for a journey to begin TODAY

On 11:11:11
The eleventh day
On the eleventh month
In a year that adds up to eleven (2+0+1+8=11)

Some say it is the most powerful manifesting day of the DECADE (this article I stumbled upon)
And you should definitely spend some time today in deep reflection
Go for a walk
This is what I have been doing for the last days/weeks in preparation for 11:11
And I hold the space for you to up level too
I’ll be livestreaming my meditation over in the Quantum Superpowers Facebook group today from 11am GMT, you can join me here:

What can you commit to for the next year?
When you think of the 11th of November 2019 where do you want to be?
Sorted in which area?

Every journey begins with a single step
And you must start off knowing what your commitment is
That is the very first action

If you need more direction then I have a few spaces remaining on my ‘Meditation and Manifestation’ one-day workshop next Saturday (17th November) where we will be getting very clear indeed on where you are going over the next year. You will leave feeling full from a gourmet vegan feast, cacao ceremony, having meditated twice, with a vision board in hand, and with an extremely clear picture of what your next steps are. Let me know if you are interested and the link with more information is here:

Have a great day, and this sunrise shot was taken yesterday morning as the energy neared its crescendo! Could this life get any more spectacular?!

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

How I did not grab a bottle and down it in one go I do not know, except it is this group, this group of people who I have not met, this group of people that I seem to relate to more than any other, this group where I can be honest and rant! Thanks x P.S. 66 days sober and counting x
Online Member

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