Time To Up ⬆ Level


The QS Book.

Every Tuesday I share with you a quote from the Quantum Sobriety book.
I hope you enjoy!
“We need to regularly surround ourselves with people who are already where we would like to be, so that we are constantly up-levelling ourselves rather than staying the same.”

As the saying goes, we become the five people we spend the most time with, so it is imperative that we find our own ‘tribe’; those that understand us, support our evolution and want to see us soar. Be warned that this journey into freedom sometimes has casualties; those that cannot bear to watch us transform into our potential, usually because they do not believe that they themselves can change to such a degree.
Find a community who lift you
Truly SEE you
And want the very best for who you really are…

Book Review.

Read something that has been said about the Quantum Sobriety book. Reviews coming in now thick and fast:

Your explanation of wave – particle theory has helped me understand what many books (including Joe Dispenza) and a background of science education have been unable to.

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