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I’m tired
Exhausted in fact, after a long and busy season. At our very last retreat of the year this week with Alison Knox who painted the angels in our practice room, we sat around the table and each spoke about what 2017 had brought since the last time we saw each other as a group the previous November. I realised just how fundamental the shifts have been this year and we did an exercise as a group about forming a Quantum Sobriety Statement; for when people say to me, ‘what is QS?’.

I’ll talk about it below, as this weekend I have also been working on the final edit of the QS book, which will be handed over to the designer TOMORROW! It’s happening folks, it is finally going to get into print two years after writing the words on the page for the first time.

Anyway back to being knackered
Know that feeling?
When you can’t concentrate because your eyes are falling shut
You feel sick
You can’t eat
You simply cannot face the heap of emails / phone calls / to do lists that are littering your desk
And all you can dream about is your bed

That is me now
After the busiest year ever at the retreat centre
After another amazing year of QS retreats, workshops, livestreams, webinars, fascinating conversation in our private forum and daily blogs.
I have been on output mode for 12 months and more (writing blogs everyday on holiday last year in Guatemala even), and can hardly remember just WHEN I chilled the f*** down and took a break.

Well I am from tomorrow
I am going into a deep period of self-care
And will pop up again just before Christmas
When booking the hotel for our holiday, I actually CHOSE the hotel with the worst wifi (from the online complaints) 😂 …every other aspect of the hotel is spot on, other than the wifi = frigging PERFECT for my needs!

Then I thought about this daily blog
Was I going to write it in advance and schedule it each morning as ‘normal’?
At first I thought I would
Then I realised that no, in fact that was not getting the point across about self-care; the QS community needed to see that I was ON HOLIDAY and TAKING GOOD CARE OF MYSELF!

Then I fell to no blog each day
But that didn’t feel enough support in the lead up to Christmas, for being prepared for this difficult time of year is vital for the group.

So I came to a compromise and have settled on sharing last Decembers daily blogs with you as a throwback, meaning this is the last blog from me written in actual time, but you will still receive something each morning here. How does that sound? It resonates with me perfectly 😊

Now that we’ve got the balance between self-care and support sorted
Let’s get back to the QS Statement
The elevator pitch
The ‘it does what it says on the tin’ sentence
Here it is:

Quantum Sobriety is a conscious programme
enabling freedom from addiction

What do you think?
What is QS to you?
I’d love to hear, in one sentence, what you would say was the meaning of QS
Please email, post, reply, comment and let me know YOUR view. And THANK YOU in advance for taking the time to respond to this request; I can’t wait to hear from you!

And have a great few weeks
The 8 QS Guides (or my managers as I call them) will be supporting the community on the ground daily
Whilst I am going to try my hardest to be offline completely
I need this break
And know I will come back renewed and refreshed

So how do YOU self-care?
How are YOU going to cope in the lead up to Christmas?
What are YOU putting in place to safeguard your sobriety?

I will ‘see’ you in a few weeks, on the other side of a ton of self-care
Ready for a fun-filled and sober festive period!


Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Morning Jo, I feel I’m in a really good place for my 1st sober Xmas, despite all the emotional and family difficulties and issues. I feel like I’ve continued in my retreat bubble, and as long as I meditate every day, journal and stay free from alcohol the bubble won’t burst and this feeling will last.

N, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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