Time To Drop The Story; The Door Is Open 🚪

Daily Motivation 239

As we withdrawal the senses and look within it is as if the external world blurs as it loses its control over us. No longer do we need the approval of the outside world because we just got connected inside. The amalgamation of truth has now become stronger than the lure of what ‘things’ can provide; mere fleeting moments of happiness in the form of chemical highs and passing comments, why would we choose these instead of a stability to source.

Each time you waver from it and become distracted by the pretence of what alcohol, food, or someone else can provide you the balance shifts and truth slips away, for you are saying NO to it. Deep in your heart you already know this otherwise you wouldn’t be here, reading this, tell me: what does YOUR heart say as these words are absorbed? Allow them to filter through to your core, permeating the layers of conditioned beliefs to find the soft underbelly of your perfection and merge with it.

For you ARE perfect already
You ARE peace already
And you don’t need to search any further than your own heart any longer

Close your eyes now and drop down to that place
Feel the judgements, assumptions, struggles, expectations, pain and imbalance fall away

In an instant
Just like that

YOU have permission to walk through the door of light and leave the battle behind
YOU are ready
YOU have the ability to do this

And once you’ve felt it
Once you’ve touched in on the quantum
Then it will carry you through the day
You don’t have to ever worry about a thing
For you just touched in on magic
So go on, open the door today…..

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

That’s so interesting you have got to that place in your connection, sobriety and life.
I cant speak for any one else but it’s bloody crucial to me right now and love the process of them.
As you just taught me it I plan on keeping it for a while. I love having connection with my dreams that I see and study everyday!
But I’m early days!
Exciting though for when that does come
T, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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