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Daily Motivation 288


Welcome home
To a world without judgement, conditions or fear
A place where you can be who you really are
You don’t have to pretend any more

Welcome home
It’s time to stop hiding
It’s time to reveal the truth
It’s time to stop pretending and take off the mask

You are embarking on the most beautiful journey of them all
The one within
Realising the true nature of your mind will bring you gifts you never even knew were possible, for how can you imagine a place that you’ve never been?

The happiness that you can conceptualise; magnify it by a million
That is what is waiting for you
So why would you prevent yourself from walking towards that bright future?

There can be many reasons
The two main ones, however, that I see most regularly are:

  1. I don’t BELIEVE it could be true
  2. I don’t DESERVE it

What is YOUR story?
Why are YOU holding yourself back?
Because you have to remember, what you believe you create, so take a look around your life;
What have you created? Because that is what you believe:
There are clues everywhere….

Let’s have a look at how we can turn things around:

  • Our lives can NEVER be out of alignment with our beliefs
    So this is a great place to start
    (I’ll be giving QS members specific questions to do this process today)
  • What about surrounding yourself with people who have already swum to the other shore and are basking in happinesses sunlight; let their high vibe radiate to you. That is what the QS community offers.
  • You ARE enough, we all are. There is no difference between me and you; I am no better, I just heard these teachings before you did and am now sharing all that I know so that you can also be free.
    You ARE enough, we all are. 
  • Ultimately we are all one, no separation, so how could one person be more deserving than another? If one is not enough then none of us are enough; and that is not the case; we are ALL enough.
  • Delve into your beliefs around not being enough.
    Who told you that?
    Why do you believe it?
    Take that wall down today
    It is not real 

It is not about the drink or the drugs or the food
They are the tools you are currently using to satisfy deeper needs that are not being met. For someone living in their power, believing that they have a right to happiness and good health does not choose to harm themselves; there is no need to.

And the very fact that you have found us, are reading these words, is testament to your worthiness. You were meant to read them, digest them, BELIEVE them.
Can you?
For this is where you belong….


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝I struggled too this week
For those who don’t know, I am just about a year sober. When you are struggling you need to go below the surface and ask what it is you REALLY need, because I promise you it’s not the drink, it’s something else..
In the early days, there are a few brain neurons that need un wiring and Trigger meditation is your first key. Please do it no matter what. It’s a very powerful meditation and you don’t need to know the how it works, you just need to do it and it’s always there to go back to.❞

J, Online Programme


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